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Sprinting and Leg Training

I’m a beginner sprinter in the off-season. I’d like to squat twice a week and deadlift once a week. I sprint on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. When would be the best time to fit in my leg workouts? I have Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon and all of Saturday and Sunday free to train legs. Ideally I’d like to do an upper/lower split of some sort.

You may want to focus on the least taxing squat and deadlift variations if sprinting is your primary goal. Just to keep your legs fresh for your sport. I remember reading how the infamous Charlie Francis would program lots of sub maximal singles and doubles to keep Ben Johnson fresh for track work and to at least maintain strength.
Of course, I’m not CT. I’d wait for his response.

I’ve heard of track coaches having an athlete deadlift the weight to their knees and then drop it, for sprinters. I’ve never tried this, as I am not a sprinter, but the coaches I have heard of doing this are successful.