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Sprinting and Leg Days


think sprinting in the morning then doing a heavy leg day in the evening is too much.

it get pretty bad DOMS from both haha


no answers?


Me, I'd keep them on separate days.

I run, and will have no problem even at age 37 and 255lbs, doing some legs and then a treadmill run of about 20 to 30 minutes doing about 3 to 4 miles.
I'm not breaking any records with my squatting though.

But I haven't done any good 400m repeats in a long time, but I remember when I did I did legs on a separate day, with sprinting only being twice a week.


Definitely a lot of stress, not to mention your weights for leg work in the PM are bound to be affected negatively.



thanx guys :smiley:

ill just change my leg day


First of all, you didn't ask a question, so there's nothing to answer.

Secondly, you bumped this thread barely an hour after you started it. What's that about?

To answer your non-question and chip in some kind of useful info, take a look at this article from Erick Minor. It includes a sample weekly plan:

Basically it places sprints on a day of their own, at least one full day before or after leg training.

But really, your training goals will play a part in how you design your plan. Like Stu said, if your prioritize the sprinting, don't expect huge increases in your squat.


For both on the same day, I'm pretty sure it was one of the writers here recommending sprints ALWAYS BEFORE and training afterwards. For injury prevention purposes.


If you are proper sprinting, you would likely limit it to just 2x/week (for joints/recovery), so it shouldn't be a problem putting sprints on days that don't interfere with leg training.


lol my bad i forgot to make that period a question mark. MAH BAD.

secondly my priority isnt sprinting but im in the army and i have to get faster because i slacked off and gained like 20 lbs in 3 weeks and had an injury for 4 months that kept me from running.

if sprints and squats are placed a decent amount of time away from eachother it shouldnt mess with my squats too much i dont think?