Sprinting and Injuries

Hey everyone, i know there’s a lot of impact on your joints during sprinting so this obviously increases your chance of injury, so how do you go about preventing it?

I know of course warm up, maybe some dynamic stretching movements along with running for 5-10mins to warm up, but i still feel there’s a lot of stress on the joints even if it’s 50 yard dashing.

Hill sprints, are these less impacting on the joints?

What im getting at is there’s always going to be a situation when you just have to run your heart out even if it’s for short or long distance without having the chance to prepare for it. A good example would be a fireman running into a building, or a policeman chasing a criminal, having to sprint full whack for as long as they can in order to get to the goal in time, even earlier when i was chasing my dog, nothing serious lol, but what im trying to get at is you can’t always rely on a warm up before hand, so how do you go about preventing injury?


hill sprints are a fantastic way to lessen the impact on your knees since you’re always stepping up. i’ve heard people talk about “zig-zagging” the way back down so you don’t hurt anything. even possibly doing reverse lunges down the hill. you definitely want to walk back down, though.

honestly, aside from being conditioned for cardio i don’t think there’s really a way to prepare for a spontaneous need to chase after something.

just my .02

Most injuries occur due to lousy form. If you jig with lousy form, just imagine how out of whack you will be going full tilt.

Imagine a tire that is off balance and running at 1’mph, now look at the same tire at 60 mph. Itwill probably fly off the axle.

Just go see a specialist and have your Gait analyzed and fix what needs to be fix. Warm up or not, you will be fine.

Thanks for the words, i do have to have my gait analyzed so i’ll try to get that done.

I would also stop using wishy washy language. Do it or don’t, no matter to me, but say “I will make an apointment today”.