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Sprinting and HOT-ROX Extreme

Hi, I am a sprinter and i run the 200 and 400. I was thinking of using HOT-ROX Extreme to cut body fat, and then using creatine monohydrate to bulk up and put on muscle mass. I was wondering if anyone has used HOT-ROX while on a sprinting program and how it affects you. If you also have any suggestion about a different way to supplementing for sprinting, please tell me. Thanks

I’m not a pure ‘sprinter’ as I’m a weightlifter first and foremost but I hurdle at a Athletics club 1-2x a week.

My mate felt ‘bad’ on one of them I let him tried. I feel more energetic in my day to day activites and I feel warmer.

I am currently off it. It didn’t seem to help me much. I ate cleaner and I am the most lean I have ever been at 88Kg, cutting to 84.25kg for a recent Oly comp.

The HOT-ROX didn’t effect my OLift or sprint training. I just felt warm.


Maybe it was just me, but when I was on them, my running ability was very poor. I got tired much faster and overall felt exhausted.

If sprinting is your sport, can’t high activity levels and controlled dietary practices control your bf% without it?