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Sprinting and Full-Body Workout

I have been doing full-body workouts every other day for a while and am enjoying my progress. However, I want to begin sprinting soon to enjoy the weather outside and to get some high intensity cardio. Since sprints will probably kill my legs, what should I do about the squats-deadlifts in my routine? My plan is to sprint one day, then workout, then sprint, and continue alternating as such.

Should I remove the leg workouts so that I’m not overworking my legs, or does it not matter? I do squats, SLDLs, and calves. Thanks for any help.

You can keep both as long as you are resting long enough between them. Depending upon how much you fatigue yourself, you should take about 2 days to recover between sessions. Just make sure to take an extra day off if your legs still feel overly tired from the previous session.

I have been doing both for about 10 weeks now and I have had great results. I lift 3 days a week (M-W-F) and sprint on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I am leaning toward cutting the sprinting to just Saturdays because I am finding it very difficult to recover to have a full productive session on Tuesdays. As you go along you will/should be increasing your number of sprint intervals.

I have reached the point now that after a full out blitz on Saturday, I just can’t recover enough to be very productive on Tuesdays. I have changed it up to doing HIIT on the Elliptical machine (I hate the stationary bike) 2-3 times a week and a full out balls to the wall sprint session on Saturdays. I am a big fan of sprinting and I perfer to do my sprinting on a football field. Ah the memories of those hot two-a-days back in high school in August!

I’d think as long as your weights are progressing you’ll be alright but maybe pull the lower body training out of wednesday’s workout if you’re not recovering.

If your legs are tired cut back, If not keep going. Its different for everyone, I myself used to sprint in the moring then workout the same day later almost everyday. I only did legs twice a week but i still sprinted on leg days.