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Sprinting 30 Yards


I have recently added sprints to my training regiment. I’m a collegiate baseball player and was wondering what a good 30yd sprint time is. Any ideas?


Fastest male olympic times in the 3.6-3.7s range.


@Evolv thanks for the chart. I clocked in at 3.84 this morning. I had no idea I got a good time.


The Baseball 60 is the measuring stick for BB players. Cones 60 yards apart. You and a timer with a stop watch both watch a person who starts you by waving his hand down.

Average for MLB is 6.95. I’d guess average in the minors is faster and probably around 6.8. So 6.8 or lower is good.


@on_edge thanks for the information. We should be getting tested on the 60 soon. We stared with 30 to get an idea of the time from home to first


While the bases or 90 ft apart , wouldnt you want a two base time ? One straight run to 1st then a hard left to second.


@strongmanjoe now that you mention it that does appear to be more practical