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Sprinter's question

Hello guys,
I’m a pro sprinter that few years ago reached a certain high level result Steroid free.
I had lots of problems with injuries since then and I decided next winter starts taking Oxandrolone that I know is hard to detect and also one of the best to keep the gains.
I know that because I friend of mine took it in a low dosage(15mg/day)for 6 weeks and had the best season ever and could keep the gains over the whole year and improved for the next season even more and didn’t take anything since the year before.
My question is,…you guys know these detection times list are not reliable considering the new IOC drug test methods.Do you guys think,if I run a Oxandrolone cycle for 6 weeks at 20mg/day I take the risk to be caught 8-10 weeks after my last intake???

I really apreciate your help,guys.
Sorry the long message.

what are the new tests in the IOC?? What is the method. I would think 20mg var/day for 6 weeks would be gone by then but it depends.

Be Careful,
Apparently new IOC testing can detect very small traces of a substance and go back further than ever before. People using steroids, even orals are getting busted left and right. Of course, depending on what federation the person is under will depend on how public the failed tests are made. HGH and designer steroids are the best bet right now. THG is just a drop in the bucket. My advice don’t take the chance unless you are absolutely sure. These new tests are an attempt to scare some of the doppers off pre-olympics. The same thing happened prior to Sydney, if you recall quite a few sports saw a reduced number of participants. Track and Field will be especially scrutinized because of recent doping issues. Good Luck

The new tests that everyone is talking about is probably the blood testing. I suspect the new blood testing protocol is a way to try and test for Hgh and EPO.