sprinter renegade?

How can I as a sprinter train renegade style? I live in Sweden and can’t get coach Davies book. All I find is articles on football. But I guess the training you do for speed is basicly the same.

I did it when I was in college and ran track. It was pretty close to the football training, a little variation but not much. Renegade training helped out a ton for both track and now boxing for me. Email Coach D, purchase his workout and you’ll have no regrets.

You can fit it in but how, when, where, and why could take way too much time and space too explain. But, you can start and learn from Coach D's articles here, and at other sites such as his own renegadetrainig.com

I tried emailing you again - hopefully you will receive it. I do ship copies of the book worldwide with a only a small extra postage charge as well. In faith, Coach Davies