How should I determine the number of reps ,rest/reps and distances for training sprint(in soccer)in 12 weeks PreSeason?Is better 10 mt or 20 mt or 50…?And volume/intensity in every microcycle?

Tamper, check out the IBUR portion of Christian’s Running Man article. There are a variety of lengths ranging from 20 sec. sprints all the way up to 70.

Also, you may want to check in w. Coach Davies. He has an excellent soccer program that would be worth looking into. Also his Renegade Rope routine will build some stamina as well as agility. Oh, what I would have given to have access to this site when I was playing at the NAIA level!

I would go with Charlie Francis. check out his books.

Hey Tamper21,
Warm-up with 3-6 rounds of jump rope mixing up the foot patterns, do cone drills and mix up the sprinting, do some days of straight out sprinting of distances under 65 yds, some days of interval training, and a day of fartlek style of running.
As previously suggested, try to get hold of Coach Davies and his program, it is very effective.


There are several factors to consider and questions to answer:

*What position do you play?

*What kind of shape are you in right now?

If you haven’t trained for a few months, then obviously you’re going to need to establish some base conditioning firstly. Once this is established, or if you’re already at this point, then you’re ready to train for the game. In essence, you’ll be training for lactate tolerance, speed, and efficiency.

In addition to rep and interval work, I suggest that you incorporate some tempo runs to further augment your “stamina” and lactate tolerance.

Your sprints can be composed of various distances. The longest that you’ll ever sprint at one time is maybe 50-60 yds, depending on your position. Therefore, sprint those distances.

Generally, a track athlete would strive for 10-20 minutes at race pace when running intervals or doing reps. So, let’s say that a Miler could run his best mile in 4:00. Well, that athlete would run 400m sprints at race pace (i.e. 1:00) followed by active rest for 1:00 to 1:30. In all, he’d complete 10 of these “sets” to get 10 minutes at race pace.

The “reps” are actually run above race pace, and these are what most of us do when doing HIIT or intervals. The rest interval would have to be longer (i.e. 2-3 times the duration), as a more complete recovery is used here for speed and efficiency purposes.

The “tempo” runs are run at an intensity above lactate threshold (i.e. 86-88% VO2max for trained endurance athletes) and are used for the purpose of lactate tolerance.

Obviously, these different routines would not be performed on the same day, and you should generally go with a hard/easy format. The easy days could be days off or days of reduced intensity.

Is good this structure (or is better for Sprint 3th microcycle with max Volume?):

1(microcycle). Introductory loading: This is where you introduce the athlete to the training methods and exercises that will be used in the whole training block. The volume and intensity is low

  1. Base loading: In this portion of the block the volume of training is maximal.

  2. Shock loading: If the base loading week is based on a lot of volume, the shock loading portion is based on using a lot of intensity. The volume is lowered somewhat, to around 70-80% of that of the base week.

  3. Unloading/Test: This is planned at the end of a training block and is used to test how much the athlete progressed and help decide on the upcoming block. The test is planned for the 5th day of the week.


You could, at the very least, quote Coach Thibaudaeu when you take his ideas word-for-word:-)

Those weekly loading parameters would work well for weight training, but I wouldn’t necessarily apply them directly to your energy system work. If you illustrated your plan as to how you envision applying them, then I could further evaluate.

With 12 weeks, you could look at having 3, 4-week macrocycles. The first macrocycle would be dedicated to building up base conditioning. Running some long distances, working your way up to 45 minutes, would be the majority of the work. You could try to add in some tempo runs and cruise intervals towards the end of the first phase.

During the second phase, you’d progress to more tempo runs and cruise intervals. These would make up the majority of this four-week phase, and you can begin adding in intervals by the end of the four weeks.

The third phase would be comprised mainly of intervals and reps. You’d have to throw in some easy runs so that you don’t burn yourself out, and you should also keep a few tempo/cruise runs in there, too.

Thanx Timbo…
Is better in Preseason
Mesocycle 1-
Week-1)50 mt x 4 reps(rest 90")
3)50 mtx6(90")
4)50 mtx4(90")


week5) 30 mt x5 reps(90")
7)30 x 7 reps
8)unload-30 mt x 4-5 reps…after Season


week1)45mtx6 reps(90")


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