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Sprint Workout

Okay…here’s the deal. I know a lot of you guys “poo-poo” the Mags. But like I’ve said before, you often can pull a “Pearl or Two” from every issue. (Besides…I find the Bodybuilding Sub-Culture to be absolutely fascinating…!). Anyway…

We have had a LOT of discussions lately on adding sprinting to our training. The “June, 2002 IronMan” has a GREAT article on a periodized and progressive sprint training program that is worth the price of the mag (IMO). It’s by a John M. Cissik, the Director of Wellness Services at Texas Women’s University.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

i got no time to read the article, but regardless, sprinting is an awesome workout in any program. It’s also great for the cardio workouts. laters pk