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Sprint Triathalons

For the most part are they good or bad to do if your working out for size. I’ve been working out for the past several months and have been happy with the results. But will me doing these triathalons hamper my results or not make a big affect?



Energy expenditure > energy intake = loss of mass

Energy expenditure < energy intake = gain of mass

Read Massive Eating, Part 1 to figure out caloric needs for a day when you do the most amount of work (for example, lift weights and train for triathalon) then when you figure out your maintenance cals with that much work you’ll know how much you have to eat to gain weight while still doing the triathalon training.

they sure aint gonna help you get huuuuuge but they are great for getting ripped up.
im doing a few at the end of the year to help lean up for the sth hemisphere summer