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Sprint Training Log

MONDAY 24th November
MAX-EFFORT Upper Body lift -
-Reg. Barbell Bench Press - 50kgx4 x 10
-Flat DB Bench - 17.5kgsx8 x 4

  • Seated Cable Rows - 50kgx12 x 4 (struggled with the last set of these)
    -Standing Face Pulls - 20kgx13 x 3
    -DB Side Bends - 20kgsx12 x 3
    (dont feel like i got anything out of these so i wont be doing this again)
  • General conditioning - 45 pressups, 50 situps, 20 pullups, some random 10kg medicine ball work.

Is drinking protein shakes good for a sprinter? Will it put on more mass without the strength? or will the strength increase aswell as mass?

Wed 26th November
Lower Body Lift

-Rack Pulls
5x60kg x 8

-Single Leg Squats (back leg elevated)
8x17.5kgs x 4 per leg

-Leg Curls
7x40kg x 4

-Parallel Squats
-60kgx8 x 3

-Holding DBs for grip work

On ws4sb you work upto a MAX SET on the main lift on Max effort upper and Max effort lower.

So one all out set, of 1-5 reps.

Not 4 sets of 10 on Barbell bench.

i did 10 sets of 4 reps, not 4 sets of 10 reps…

Friday 29th November
Got to the gym too late didnt realise it would be closing in 5 mins :stuck_out_tongue: but i managed to squeeze in
-45kgx15 which is a PB
-45kg x8

Mon 1st December
Didnt spend much time at the gym today, i had to go somewhere after:
-Barbell Bench Press Decline:
50-60kg varying the weight - 3 reps x 7 sets

-DB Bench Decline
17.5kgs - 8 reps x 4 sets

-Barbell BP:
65kgx1 (missed)
Still stook on 62.5kg as my PB for touching my chest, still adjusting to this. I want to try and get it up to 70kg by new years day if possible :smiley:

3rd December
Upper Body Because i didnt do it properly on monday

-BP - 55kgx5 x 5
-DBBP - 20kgx6 x 4
-Rope Neck Pulls - 25kgx12 x 3
-Seated Row - 40kgx10 x 3
-Situps with medicine ball

What happened to you doing ws4sb?

1 max set is what it is meant on exercises like barbell bench press and squats.

So 70kg,1x5. then onto whatever’s next.

oh shit lol i misinterpreted it, i thought it meant do tht with as many sets as you can physically manage (aka max. set) not a one max set :S i’ll change it next time i do it. lol silly me

I managed 65kgx1 the other day which is a PB though so im improving on the program :smiley:

Good stuff.

Here’s an example for you:
Week 1- 5 reps of 1 set flat bench press
week 2- 3 reps of 1 set flat bench

week 3- 5 reps incline bench
week 4- 3 reps incline bench

You see where this is going.

thankyou ive switched the sets to incline recently and they’re sooo much harder.

Monday 8th December
-worked up to 50kg x 3 on incline bench press.
-4x6 incline DB press 17.5kgs, wimped out and switched to 15s on the last set of these.
-8-12x60m sprints, last one timed at 8.0
-14.1 110m :S my blocks were setup at the hurdles and i didnt want to move them :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you need more track sessions. Weights look good though, keep up the good work.

yes you are right, i used to do track with my club on mondays, tuesdays and thursdays, but now theyve switched the tuesday ones to circuit training which i find does not benefit me at all because there are too many younger kids and the weights n circuits arent challenging and then the monday sessions have gone because the coach has gone to australia and we work on sprint endurance on thursdays so i need to get some shorter sprints in somewhere, i might start going down to the track on my own regularly like i did earlier this week.

Wednesday 10th December
I did my rep upper body and my lower body max lift today because i dont want to be aching at the tournament on saturday, i dont know if this will benefit me as much but anyway…
60kgx5 PB
70kgx5 PB
75kgx3 PB
80kgx3 PB
90kgx1 PB
I think my form has improved along with my strength because ive never really felt confident to go past 60jkg before.

-Single Leg Squats
3x6 per leg - 17.5kgs

-Glute-ham raises

-Max rep. Barbell Bench

-Rope Pushdowns
4x10 - 20kg


-DB Shoulder Press (felt hard, never done before)
3x10 - 12.5kgs

-Reg. Barbell Curl
3x8 - 25kg

Felt good today and my back feels ok after the squats too :smiley:


Current Maximums (some will be higher but i havent attempted any higher)

Bench Press - 65kg (143.3lbs)
Squat - 90kg (198.5lbs)
Deadlift - 110kg (242.6lbs)

Ah fair enough if you are unable to train at the track more often. Keep up the hard work and you will be blazing this summer!

Hopefully, Targets are:
60m- 7.5 or below
100m- 11.5 or below
200m- 24.0 or below
400m- 53.0 or below

I think these are realistic but they will be challenging to achieve especially 100.
My weight has gone up after staying stable for a long while sine beginning the ws4sb program i am now 10’6-9 where i was 10’2-8 before.

Im changing my tuesday from circuit training to track as i think my gym work will be sufficient, and i really need to build up sprint stamina for 200 n 400 next year.

if You hit 11.5 in the 100 then you should be looking at 23.0 and 51.0

oh, we’ll just see what happens, had the second indoor tournament today had an awful start on the 60m again but pulled it baxck a bit and came 3rd with 8.35 which is a PB so it just shows even if you get an awful start on the blocks its better than getting a good start without them…Aiming for <8.25 on the 21st now.

Did better in the 300m where i think i got 41/42 seconds but the times havent been oput up on the site yet, ill know by tonight, it was just the last 100 tht brought back my time, if i build up my stamina i should be able to get sub-40 next year, i think i couldve got faster today but i couldnt get past people because u run in the same lane for the last 100 and i didnt have enough energy to go round them.

I think this has convinced me to concentrate more on 200 n 400 because my 300 time is just a second over double my 150m time so i think id be better at the longer sprints, also i need to work on the blocks and my start and tht should take a fair bit of my 100 n 60m for next year.

Have you ever measured you vertical jump? How high is it?