Sprint Training Log

I’ve been doing a lot of athletics recently and i’ve really got interested in it and smashing my times by the time the next track season starts so i thought that making a log of my training would help keep me dedicated and stick to a training program rather than doing anything at the gym each time i go as i have been doing for the past year.

My current PB for 100 is 12.2 in training recorded back in june this year and i want to see if i can get it into the mid/low 11s by next season. I am also training for 60 and 200m but mainly concentrating on 100. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Starting from today:
Tue-Circuit training
Wed-Upper Body
Thu-Various Sprints (30-400m)
Sat&Sun - Off

I’ll post my first workout for today once i come back from the gym. Hopefully along with some max lifts. Im new to this so excuse my bad terminology for the time being :wink:

Mon 10th Nov

110kgx1 PB so far
I chose not to go any higher as i wasnt sure if i had correct form and would be risking injury.

-Romanian Deadlift
3 sets x 5 reps - 70kg
Is it normal for my back to feel tensed after and when i walk i felt like i was walking really upright?

  • Squats (bum to ankle)
    60kg x 3
    I felt these were really tough compared to the normal squats i usually do where i just go doqwn so my hamstring is parallel to the ground, are there any benefits to the bum to ankle squats over the parallel?

-Leg Press

-Leg Curl
40kg 3x10
Taking it easy as ive just recovered from a torn hamstring over the past 3 months.

  • Leg Extensions
    65kg 10x3

-Calf Raises

-DB Lunges (by this point my legs were aching)
2x5 22.5 DB per hand

-Abductor Inner thighs

65kg - 10x3

Is this ok for my leg day, how could i improve it to specifically train for sprinting?

Nice of you to join me.

Deadlifts,romaninan dealdifts, and squats look good, but I’d ditch stuff like leg press,leg curls,calf raises etc. As far as I’m concerned they don’t have any carry over at all.

Well done on the PB on deadlifts.

:smiley: you inspired me, and thanks i was doing them as general conditioning for my legs as im going to need some endurance for 200s and 400s next year bt i guess i should ditch them to concentrate on 100s and 60s more specifically and thanks again :smiley: but its only a PB because it’s the first time ive ever done it and thats as high as i went lol doubt i couldve done much more tbh they’re a lot harder than they look

Eric Cressey has quite a few articles on this site about deadlifting with the right technique.

Also in terms of training check out Joe Defranco, Westside for skinny bastards.

Could you link me to one of the articles on deadlift technique?

Tue 11th November
Circuit Training:
-light plyometrics as a warm-up
-1 Burpee
-2 Sit-ups
-3 Press-ups
-4 Lunges
-5 Squat Thrusts
-6 Superman
-7 Star Jumps
-8 Bridges
-9 Crossover Ab Crunches
-10 Bird-dog

(The number being the no. of reps of each exercise and the number of the exercise.) I did 1 burpee, 40m jog, 1 burpee & 2 sit-ups, 40m jog, 1 burpee & 2 sit-ups & 3 press-ups, 40m jog. progressively until i was doing all 10 and then i did the same backwards as in: 1-10, 1-9, 1-8, 1-7 etc.

-Cooled down by playing a game of some sort.

Wed 12th November
Upper Body:

-Wide grip Bench Press

  • Deltoid Press

  • Lat Pulldowns

  • Close Grip Bench Press

  • DB Bench Press
    20kgs - 10x2

  • DB Shrugs
    17.5kgs - 15x2

  • Pec Dec Flyes
    35kg - 3x10

  • Peck Machine
    60kg - 10x2

  • Convergent Vertical Pek Dek

  • Vertical Peck Deck

  • Dips Press

  • Chinups
    8 (reverse grip)
    10 (normal grip)
    (exhausted by this point)

  • Seated Rows

Tips suggestions?

That’s a total of 29 sets.

You wanna get in the gym, do what you need to- get stronger, and then get out of it.

13 of the sets were done on some type of pec-deck, this is a useless exercise. Concentrate on the “money” exercises, like heavy benches,chin-ups, rows, these will you get you strong no need for anything like pec-decks.

I also think you should follow a plan, so you know what you’re going there to do, and can follow progress etc.

yeh lol i had loads of spare time so i just did every machine, how long do you spend at the gym at any one time?

Ive been thinking about what you said and decided to follow the westside for skinny bastards program and my new week will look like this:
MONDAY ? MAX-EFFORT Upper Body lift
Tuesday ? Sprint work, conditioning, GPP or skill training
Wednesday ? Lower Body Lift
Thursday - Sprint work, conditioning, GPP or skill training
Friday ? REPETITION Upper Body lift
Sat and Sun - Off

I’ll start next week.

The training schedule is looking good.

And I’m usually finished after about 1 hour 10 minutes.

How old are you anyway?

Are you getting in some good runs, ready to win on the 22nd November?

haha nah im actually off form atm because ive just recovered from a torn hamstring after 3 months of physio, lol it was a reet laugh :S My 29 sets took 1 hour lol i dont think im working hard enough or resting enough and my pecks are feeling it today :smiley:

at least it means when they heal they’ll be strionger, right? I’m 15, 16 in january and my best 60m was in june/july and it was 7.5 in training hand timed, hopefully ill get something near that on the day but i doubt it, good luck, not that you need it :smiley: you’ll be beasting a 7.0 probably :wink:

I had physio for ages, when i was about 13-14, for my left hamstring I tore it.

And then kept coming back to early and doing it again.

It’s fine now though thank god.

I’m looking at the next one, the 13th december.

I’m in that one too :D, doing 60m and 300m i think. And yeh, exactly the same thing happened to me on my right, should’ve been 4 weeks out but i just kept running on it so it got worse. On the upside all the exercises have really increased my hamstring flexibility so in the long run when my speed goes back up a bit i should have a slightly bigger stride :smiley:

Thursday 13th November
Sprint Work:

-400m Warm-up

Felt a slight twinge in my left quadricep so i stopped sprinting and did some discus and have improved my throw to around 25m :smiley:

-800m cool-down

Leg is fine now so it was just muscle ache.

Friday 16th Nov
Sprint Work
Was too tired to go to the gym, still feeling it in my back from those monday deadlifts :S
-6x60m (around 8 seconds 90%)
-Walking lunges - 60m
-DB Lunges 5kg x10 per leg

  • Max. Vertical Jump x 20

Still feeling it in my hamstring after sprinting a bit, im going to have to keep stretching and stregthening it until the tear is healed and scar tissue has gone.

Mon 17th November
Found out this weekend im going to be doing sprint training with one of the GB coaches each monday from now on :D.
Sprint work:
-3x400m - 90%
-100m between each 400m - 70-80%

  • Sprint technique drills
  • Light plyometrics
    My shins were killing because ive been trying to improve my vertical jump over the weekend.

Went to the gym after this even though i was rather tired. I just did a mix of upper body and lower body, i’ll start on the WS4SB program next week because i want to take it easy this week so, hopefully im on full form for my competition on saturday.

-Deadlifts 1x110kg, 10x50kg, 5x80kg, 8x60kg
-Squats - 50kgx10 x 2
-Leg Press - 110kg x8 x 2

  • Bicep Curls - 10kg - 20 reps (10 per hand)
  • Bicep curl with bar - 45kgx5 x 2
  • Pec Dek Flyes - 40kg x10
  • Situps
    -Lunges - 17.5kg x 10
  • Bench press
    60kgx1 (just started to touch my chest and i find it a lot harder than just triceps parallel to floor)
    50kgx10 x2
  • Cable Crossover - 25kgx10 x2
    -Incline Bench Press - 45kgx10

Hopefully ill have recovered by saturday :smiley: wish me luck

In the competition i got 19.74 in 150m and came 2nd out of 6 in my heat by 0.07 seconds, which i was happy with but a poor 8.47 in 60m and came 5th out of 8 because i didnt use blocks and it was straight after the 150m :S Cant wait until the 13th of december when im doing 60m again thankfully and 300m :D, will start WS4SB program next week.