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Sprint to Summer Main Lift Progression?

Hi Folks,
I’m doing the program above and was hoping for some feedback regarding the main lifts in weeks 1-6. I am seeing some difficulty beginning week 3 with hitting the reps for BP and OHP specifically. I know week 4 will be a reach to hit all the reps and week 5 likely isn’t happening. Do I continue with the load progression and do my best or keep weight down to hit the prescribed sets and reps?

Thanks in advance!

Well, first, I wonder how you got the program because that is last year’s online coaching group program. ff you were not in the coaching group you shouldn’t be able to have that program, unless someone sent it to you or you downloaded it illegally. In both cases it would piss me off because a big part of my income is selling online programs, and if someone gets them for free it cuts into that.

And while I love to help people out, I wouldn’t be inclined to help someone who essentially stole from me.


I will be totally honest and say a semi yes to your assumption. I purchased it with a partner along with a number of other programs. I can understand your frustration but I can assure you that myself and my friend have spent a great chunk of change (at least in our world) on your stuff because we love your work. If you choose to answer the question I appreciate it and if not I understand, regardless I’ll move forward with it. Thanks.

Ok, thank you. That is acceptable. I’m on vacation at the moment, will do my best to answer you ASAP

Thanks Christian, I appreciate your understanding and as always your help. Enjoy your vacation!

It’s best to avoid increasing the weights but focus on dominating the weight more every week

Thank you Christian!