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Sprint Template

does any one know a detailed link or explaination how to create a sprinting workout for 100m??? as in when to do speed work…how often…plyos…weights…???

Google Charlie Francis

Good question Antonio!

Hi, Im theBird. Im returning to my team sport after a 3 month rest due to a groin injury. I have been back at training for about a month now and its time to step things up a bit.

I want to develop my 100m sprint and also stamina, but I am looking for a set program to help develop speed. Due to other training commitments I really will only have one day a week to do this on.

At the moment;

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: AM chest and back, PM team training
Wednesday: AM bike ride
Thursday: AM legs, PM team training
Friday: PM bike ride
Saturday: AM Shoulders
Sunday: Game day

Any help would be appreciated?


I have started to get back into sprinting a little bit. Mostly 50m dash repeats. I highly prefer running on grass.

I’ve video’d myself a couple times and the thing i noticed right away was :

  1. Need more arm swing
  2. Need more forward lean

Not sure how fast you can run if you dont swing your arms, but they definitely contribute.

I’m not too sure on a workout, but whenever I sprint I find visualsation helps: I pretend I have the biggest meanest dog chasing me, teeth bared and all. Makes me move like a gazzele.

I just think about being chased by zombies and clear a full second or two off of my time…

Pick a book entitled “Peak when it counts.” it will explain in detail all of the periodization involved in structuring a quality sprint training plan (as well as distance jumps and throws.) It’s published by track and field news press and recommended reading for the USATF coachng course.

you sound like you wanna be specifically good at sprinting, so i would get off T-Nation and go to running sites and contat sprinters there…