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Sprint/Speed Workout Ideas


Hi all,

I am starting to be more deliberate in programming sprints into my week. I used to be very good about doing this when I lived right next to a hill, but haven’t done these a much lately.

Here are some of my “go-to” sprint/speed workouts, and I’d really like to hear what others have found to work. The goal of these workouts is improved body composition and improved athletic performance. The idea would be to do 2 of these each week.

Workout 1:
a) 440 yard (1 lap) sprint (or fast run). Try for 75 seconds or less, which is a 5 min mile pace. Rest 3-4 min.
b) 3/4 lab sprint. Try for 60 seconds or less. Rest 2-3 min.
c) 220 (1/2 lap) sprint. Try ofr 30 sec or less. Rest 2 min or so.
d) 100 yard sprint, rest, 80 yard sprint, rest, 60 yard sprint, rest, 40 yard sprint, rest, 20 yard sprint.

Workout 2:
a) 5x60 yard sprints with 90 seconds between.
b) 6 100 yard sprints, done more at ~90%. Do these continuously around the track, with slow recovery jogs on the bends and sprints from endzone to endzone.

What do you guys do?


Nothing. That’s why I’m stealing this!

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I haven’t sprinted in a while but my protocol was:

  1. General warm up
  2. A & B stepping
  3. Starting at about 1/2 pace, ramp to 3/4 pace over 4-5 20m sprints
  4. 6-8 sprints at 80% over 20m

Increase distance if desired. I never went above 80% as it is very easy to tear something if you become halfway decent.


Set up cones in a square in a field or turf, designate an exercise for each cone, and sprint to each cone. Do as many laps around the cones as you want. I like jumping lunges (switching stance midair), then pushups, then burpees, then a 30-60 second plank before you sprint back to the start. You can start with the cones closer together and progress by moving them out, progress by starting with easier exercises, progress by increasing the amount of cycles, etc.


Along the same lines as not going anywhere close to balls to wall on an actual sprint (with sprint mechanics, etc.), dont worry about being as fast as possible right off the line. A few meters moving start can save you a lot of stress. And please take care to warm up well. Also if you’re trying to get speed benefits make sure to take adequate rest

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