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Sprint Sets

what would be a good number of “sets” for 100m sprints?
looking to get stronger, faster, & leaner for MMA

i’d love to hear CT on this once, since he did write “running man”

for MMA, work-on shorter distances and multi-directional emphasizing reaction preferably to either audible or visual commands.

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Coach Davies

First of all, running 100m repeats is not going to make you faster, because sprinting that distance will induce substantial fatigue and the quality of the runs will deterioriate rapidly.

100m repeats would serve primarily as a form of metabolic conditioning (energy system work), which might also make them useful for fat loss.

As for the specifics of the workout, I think a good volume goal would be about 1600m (1 mile) A good lactate training session using 100m repeats is 16 x 100m with a 100m walk recovery, or eight laps around a 400m track alternating 100m sprint/100m walk.

To start out with, I reccommend that you limit yourself to a speed that you can maintain for the whole unit of work and gradually increase the intensity as your fitness improves.