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Sprint Question



I believe you have recommended hill sprints for conditioning days. I live in South Dakota and in a very flat area and do not have any hills near me. I do have a small town football field to use for sprints. What do you recommend as far as distance to sprint, rest, and number of sets basically, if that makes sense?

Thanks for your time.


This will be in new book but I don't recommend sprints - I recommend running. Not jogging. Not sprinting. Running.

We usually start with total distance, 1600m for example, 2-3 times/week. All depends on how your ankles/knees, etc can hold up.
We then break it up in various ways - no longer than 400m. We don't do rest periods until after several months. Then it becomes entirely based on your own level/experience, etc.

I spent some time in the Dakotas. Unbelievably cold and unbelievably hot. But the best part is that there are few people. And THAT is worth more than any weather.


I look forward to reading about it in your new book. We have all kinds of weather here and every extreme in between. Very few people, hence why I live in a town of 600 people.

Thanks again Jim.


I recently started playing ultimate frisbee two to three times a week and I run up to ,3miles a game. No small endeavour for a 44 year old dude but it sure the hell beats the track.I feel like a (slow) kid again.