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Sprint Interval Progression?

Does anyone know of a progressive program for sprint intervals?

Background: I’m in good cardio shape, and I run shortish distances (usually 5k, best 5k race time was 25:25), but I don’t have experience sprinting. I would love a progression like you see in Couch-to-5K, just to help guide me and keep me on track. Does anyone know of such a thing? Lee Boyce’s progression in “An EZ Guide to Sprinting” (on T-Nation) looks good but it is only for 3 weeks, I would like something to keep me occupied longer. I’m near a university track and would much prefer distance-based intervals rather than time-based ones (“run 40 meters” rather than “sprint for 30 seconds”). By the way, conditioning isn’t a huge concern because I do lots of plyometrics, jump rope, heavy weight lifting, and so forth. My lifts are OK, i.e. I can deadlift BW for reps, A2G squat BW for a single, etc. It’s not so much a concern of having to ease into it, I just tend to prefer having a pre-set progressive program because otherwise I don’t push myself as hard.