Sprint 8 Outside Options

I like to do my “Sprint 8” outside now that it is summer and I like being out in the sun.
So I won’t be using my recumbent bike anymore.
Do you have any recommendations on things to do?

I have a hill I can sprint up that takes about 20 to 30 seconds to get to the top.

I have battle ropes.

I have a jump rope but not sure that is high enough intensity.

I have Farmers walks?

Thanks coach for any ideas to help with getting creative outside for hard cardio!

of all the options you mentioned, the hill sprint is the only one that really fits the bill.

Battle ropes don’t involve the lower body enough

Jumping rope will not be intense enough

Farmer’s walk are not optimizes when done for speed, they should be used either for load or duration


Thank you. I’ll stick to the hill sprints

I had some email exchanges with Phil Campbell,the developer of Sprint 8.At the time ,I didnt have access to a bike.Besides sprints,fast as hell burpees were also OK.

From an energy standpoint, yes. But I would personally recommend against that option simply because I feel that burpees are a bad exercise that can lead to injury issues, especially when people try to go as fast as possible and do a high volume.

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makes good sense–thanks,Coach.