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..some guys they just give up living
And start dying little by little, piece by piece
Some guys come home from work and wash up
And go racin' in the street..

Anyone a Springsteen fan? His music is a staple on my zune and goes with me anywhere I go. To me, Springsteen represents true music. My brother and I caught him live when he came to Hamilton, Ontario a few months back, and I was just going over some of the pictures. That was easily the greastest show I've ever been to.

When the lights came up and they broke into "No Retreat, No Surrender", that was definitely a moment I will never forget.

Any love for the boss out there?


I shouldn't have to tell anyone how much I idolize that man...

Here's a pic from his Giants stadium show in July. Awesome.


That's the shit I'm talkin' about right there man.

The man is 60 odd years old and still puts on a show that is as kick ass as any artist out there.

Not to mention how cool steve van zandt is haha.

what'd he open with at giants stadium?


I haven't gotten to see him yet, but I'm a huge fan. I just moved out to Boston recently so I'm expecting to get a chance to see him the next time he tours.

I was the Boss for Halloween last year, and people really enjoyed my drunken renditions of Thunder Road. My favorite album is Darkness on the Edge of town; Adam Raised a Cain and Prove it All Night really get me going.

"Baby, tie your hair back in a long white bow,
Meet me in the fields out behind the dynamo,
You hear the voices telling you not to go,
They made their choices and they'll never know,
What it means to steal, to cheat, to lie,
What it's like to live and die..."

EDIT: Let's get some videos up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3vUKBOJ5sU


He's great. There's no denying it.

But...get off the stage and give someone else a chance.


Saw him in 79' at the Cap. Centre in landover Md. w/out question every person that walked out of their that night would have told you they were saved. If he had gone by any other name (Jim Jones) we would of drank the kool-aid no questions asked thats how strong of a personality he has, not to mention his music and his show were fantastic.

BTW- i have 75 songs of his on my i-pod right now.


That's awesome, Print. And on the other hand kinda makes me wonder how many tours they can possibly have left in them. Clarence Clemons was damn near propped up at the show in Hamilton, haha.

I just pray for one more tour.


Summertime Blues, which wasn't bad even though I'm not a huge fan of the newest stuff.

The best, of course, was his encore. This was the song list for it-

Born To Run
Bobby Jean
Dancing In The Dark
American Land

And of course, he threw in the two Jersey classics:

Jersey Girl [Tour Premiere]

God I love it... nothing better than hearing the Boss and the whole crowd in Rutherford singing "Jersey Girl" on a hot summer night.


This is the actual concert I was at. I was sitting across, in the upper deck, from wherever this guy was sitting.

It was so incredible, I can't even put it into words.

The other night I was at Giants Stadium for the Springsteen concert, another defining moment of my life to be sure. He sang with flair and fury, with the urgent beauty that only passionate men can create. When he ended, he sang to us the three songs that he knows are for New Jersey, and Jersey alone.

As the crowd howled the lyrics to "Jersey Girl" under the view of the peaks of the massive cranes that are building the next Giants Stadium and young couples made out by the cavernous lights that steal the darkness from us, all I could think of was that I wish she was here, and that oh, amigos, life is beautiful... fleetingly so, but beautiful nonetheless...[/i]


Two thumbs up for "The Boss".


When I did full-time personal training Gary Tallent, (the bass player for the E-Street band) and his wife were regulars of mine, along with Toby Scott, one of his main sound engineers.

One of the best gifts I ever received was when they invited my Dad, little brother and I to San Francisco last year to watch a show on the Magic tour.

We got backstage passes, amazing seats with the rest of the "family and friends section" and one hell of a story to tell.



Lucky Bastard!


Springsteen is okay. I was more into Mellencamp during those years. But I do have to say that Bruce is one heck of a song writer. My all-time favorite is Tunnel of Love. Beautiful song.


I saw him in 1984 in Syracuse and this summer in Hershey. Good show although his voice is kind of shot.

One of my favorites.


Here's Thunder Road from the show in Hamilton I was at, one of the encores.

"You ain't a beauty, but hey, you're all right."


Hey NeelyDan, I also saw the Hamilton show and I can say that it was one of the best experiences of my life. Much of my extended family was there (15 people), and oh man was it great, I wish I could catch him every night.

My dad has seen him over 20 times, I just wish I were older so I could have seen him back in the day like on the Born in the USA tour, oh what could have been.


Super Bowl for Bruce !


Bruce is doing a free concert in Philly, Oct. 4!



Silvio made it!