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Springboard Question


Ok, I'm a b-ball player & love training for a big vertical! @ the Y where I play & practice there's a springboard for the little tots for their gymnastics. Will this have any effect on my vert if I practice jumping off of it? Will by doing this raise my vert? It gives me 6-10 inches more & I thought maybe this will teach or trick my CNS into going higher. Any thoughts on this? Any studies ever been done on this? Thanks for any input!


If you really want to boost your verticle, get a trampoline!


Just get shoes with those little rockets in them so you can just fly all over the court.


Yeah, I know about that, Just want to see if the spring board will do the job. It's free @ the Y & the trampoline I'd have to go buy @ K-Fart.


...I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm. I don't see why a springboard would help though; it pretty much jumps for you, if anything it would mess up your ability to accelerate off the ground.


Ok, how about the trampoline? I've got a book that the great running back Erick Dickerson wrote & he would jump on the trampoline w/ a weighted vest. Would it be worth trying? Any studies ever been done on this type of training?





I cant believe no one has told him to jump off of something yet....something really high up...with a weighted vest perhaps, just to make sure he gets the effect we, uh I mean he, is looking for.


I'm sure you're aware, but just so you know, the vertical is very overrated for basketball. It looks good, but that's about it.

What would be much more helpful is stamina. The ability to jump 2-3-4 times in a row for a given height. Stand under a basket and jump as high as you can and touch the backboard. Then repeat until you can't jump off of the floor. More rebound are gotten under the basket than above it. Use your brain and your ass and you'll beat the jumper almost every time.

Now if this is just all for show and dunking, try to build explosive strength. Explosive squats and single jumps would be best.

A little background--60 lbs ago and 20 years ago i played college ball. These are drills we did then and I think can still be productive.

By the way-ditch the trampoline and springboard ideas. No transference


Bruce, I was kidding about the trampoline, but it could actually be related to plyometrics.

Somewhere on this site I read about things such as stepping off a box, which causes your legs to react in an incredibly fast manner to compensate for impact and reversal of momentum.

It was also mentioned that though plyo's can bring fast changes or adaptations that they should not be overdone. Do a search and read up on it.

Umm, not to be rude, but you do pepper in a lot of half baked questions. Perhaps if you did some searching and reading and then asked questions to clarify after doing that?

I think you'd get better advice that way...


Eat more Sweet potatos.


I did do search as I always do. I read over 10 yrs. ago in "Secrets of Pro Power" by Eric Dickerson how he used a trampolins w/ wts for jumping power. But have never seen anything since about it. So that's why I'm asking all the athletes on here. I did a search for it & found one study that was done. But want & am looking for more info about it.

The springboard I thought would have some type of effect on my CNS. Have yet to find anything regarding it.

Yes, I know plenty about plyometrics & what u were talking about are depth jmps. They're great, and yes. easy to overdo. I have a three step 40 & I'm looking for ways to improve it.

I say stupid shit because I like to stir things up & see peoples reactions.

Half baked was funny as hell. Overall my posts are intelligent. Though, when I'm baked & on here, watch out. It's not the real me, it some other dude that too stupid to realize WTF he's doing.

Thanks for all the posts. Gotta go eat some more SP's!


Go to higher-faster-sports.com and read up. It is Kelly Bagget's site, and his free articles provide as much information, and as easily understandable information, as any book I have come across... and I have all of the biggies....and a ton of crap ones also.

If you want the complex broken down all simple-like and spoon fed, he is the guy for you.

My .02

Coach JR

PS~ And I have never talked to Kelly personally, I just have a 3-ring for every article on this site, Elite, CFrancis, inno-sport, Supertraining threads, etc.... I refer to Kelly's often. Giving props to a smart kat...


Oh yay. Too bad you are the only one finding it humorous...