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Spring Workout: Confusion on Built for Show


So Im getting ready to strt the spring workout by the way I just bought the book about 2 weeks ago.... Any ways I understand Tht whn Ur doing the exercises u switch for example fall u do workout a upper body Monday 4x8 then Wednesday would be workout b lower body 5x5 then Friday would be workout a upper body 3x12 right? Then the next week u switch with lower body upper body and finish with lower so on and so forth my question and confusion comes I'n to play with the spring workout givin tht it's two total body workouts! So would I go about this the same way I would as if I was doin. The fall workout Monday total body a 3x5 Wednesday total body b 4x4 and friday total body a 5x3 or how would I go about it since the workouts have completely different sets spring looks like this

A. Dumbbell snatch
Workouts 1,2,3 3-sets/5-reps/75-secs
Workouts 4,5,6. 4-sets/4-reps/75-secs
Workouts 7,8,9 5-sets/3-reps/75-secs
B1. Front squat
Workouts 1,2,3 2-sets/20-reps/45-secs
Workouts 4,5,6 5-sets/5-reps/90-secs
Workouts 7,8,9. 4-sets/10-reps/60-secs.

And Thts how it keeps going for the second phase also Whts confusing me is how it switches from the first workout being like the dumbbell snatch workout and the rest tht follow for tht workout are like the front squat (sets & reps) is Wht I mean. Can someone help me out with understanding this better I've never had or followed a workout like this please take a look at the spring workout I'n the built for show book so u can better understand Wht I'm asking


All that looks like a load of un-necessary mental burden (especially if you just want bigger muscles). You train for the long haul and for you body, not just some generic program and for spring

What's your stats? What's your goals?

People on here are interested in bodybuilding, not sports or general fitness...


Stopped reading due to your inability to communicate without abbreviating shit that doesn't need to be abbreviated.


My goal is to get more strength and muscle as far as my stats well not great. But here's the thing I'm interested I'n trying this I've heard alot of great things about nate greens workouts but for me well it's a little confusing for one I'm not at the level most of u are at I'm just a guy tht got comfortable with a simple routine tht never got me Wht I wanted so I read about a Nate and his book and decided to go for it


Ohh and if I'm abbreviating like tht stupid dick liquid mercury said well it's cause I'm
Writing from my phone and I'm usually texting so I find it easier to abbreviate And u seem to be on here for all the wrong reasons if I wanted someone to tlk about my grammer or spelling I'd be I'n English class u dumb shit I'm here to get answers about the workout not about how I'm writing. So if Ur not gonna help and just tlk shit then don't reply plain and simple.


I'm on here for the wrong reasons? I'm thinking you're confused with the program and confused with my reasons for being here. You're not going to get much help from anyone when you're not readable, or when you sound like a 12 year old little girl whinning and bitching.


I seriously have no idea what you're saying, due to the weird abbreviations, run-ons, and poor sentence formation you're using.


I would highly suggest moving this over to the olympic lifting forums, or something.

Because that's not a bodybuilding routine.

Even though you posted it in the bodybuilding section.



This. Also punctuation. I give a fuck if you're typing on a phone. How about wait until you're in front of a computer before asking long-winded questions?


Wow you guys are far more illiterate than I thought well I'm obviously not getting help


No we're quite literate, your ability to communicate was piss poor legibility. That being said I can't tell what your question is. I think you're talking about the format?


The B1/B2 means superset, do a set of B1, than a set of B2 than rest.


Just lift some fucking weights.

Oh, wait, do I have to make it sound awesome?

Just lifting some fucking weights will build muscle, burn fat, cure xeroderma pigmentosum and give you plenty of hoezzz, with just 1 hour a day in a gym.

You owe me 24 payments of 19.99


This really made me laugh for some reason.