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Spring Vs. Filtered Tap Water

Is bottled spring water significantly healthier than filtered tap water? I know water’s inexpensive, but I’m cheap and someone bought me a water filter. I’m tempted to never spend another penny on water again and just always filter tap water. Is spring water a lot healthier?

I like water. Tap water in general. If you have a filter filter it if no then well dont main thing drink the darn water.

Many of those “spring” waters are nothing but regular old tap water that MAYBE has been filtered.

[quote]Phill wrote:
I like water.


No way !

Seriously, there was a thread here about anti-oestorgens and I put something about water filters getting rid of lots of crap, I searched and I can’t find it. The point is thse filters remove chemicals which are oestrogen mimickers, so its all good.

I don’t touch tap water unless I have a filter.
My house runs off of natural well water ,though,which is pretty damn

If I had to choose I’d go with spring water because it doesn’t contain flouride in it like tap water does.

How about this dilemna- I live overseas where the tap water is not so good. I can filter it, or I can buy bottled water, in plastic bottles, thereby insuring myself a regular dose of xenoestrogens.

If you don’t have any good filters, try aging your tap water for a few days in a glass jar with some charcoal - and I mean the natural wood briquettes, not the square Kingsford crap you buy at the grocery store.

[quote]Panther1015 wrote:
If you don’t have any good filters,[/quote]

How do you know if a filter is “good”? I assumed they were all the same.

I wrote this in another thread but I edited it and added to it…

Most water filters can reduce the amount of organochlorines considerably, so that would let you still drink tapwater. One of the most common pesticides Atrazine, which is high in organochlorines, is removed by filtration.

So what are organochlorines ? They are things like DDT,dioxins,PBC and Cfc’s.

In particular…

Atrazine or
is a herbicide used in agriculture as a weedkiller and grasskiller.

What it does in particular is stimulate the enzyme aromatase, which induces the male hormone testosterone to become a form of the female hormone oestrogen, and that feminizes fish, frogs and possibly other organisms. (possible humans).

So what I am saying is by removing a load of organochlorines by simple cartridge filtration you can avoid most of this happening.

Which is nice.

[quote]Bonn1997 wrote:
Panther1015 wrote:
If you don’t have any good filters,

How do you know if a filter is “good”? I assumed they were all the same.[/quote]

Most cartridge filters like Brita or similar will remove a host of potentially unwanted chemicals and compounds from tap water. Other methods of filtration are reverse osmosis and using a cellulose triacetate membrane which is perishable.

Springwater is less trustworthy than filtered tapwater.

Don’t waste your money.

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
Springwater is less trustworthy than filtered tapwater.

Don’t waste your money.[/quote]

Are those two statements linked in some

Eat your greens.

Always use premium grade gas.

Wash behind your ears.

Wear a rubber.