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Spring Training

i play football at a small college and we are about to start spring conditioning. We run in the mornings on Monday, Wensday, and Friday. this really messes up my lifting schedule and splits and stuff because i want maximum recuperation time and maximum energy for lifting. i was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a good split to follow so i don’t overtrain during these next few weeks. any other hints or thoughts would be helpful too. thanks alot.
p.s.-i would like to train legs on friday so they have the weekend to recover.

Talk to You schools STRENGTH COACH!

Not all schools have strength coaches, especially a small school like what is mentioned here. Many Divison II and III schools, and even some IAA schools don’t have strength and conditioning programs. Even some of the large DI schools have poor strength programs.

Why don’t you look into recovery techniques? Such as self-massage, stretching, nutrition and hot/cold showers. Those are all cheap, all you need is the knowledge.

First as noted, follow your Strength Coaches guidlines. Secondly you are preparing to play football not lift weights. All in-season work must be done to ensure recover. Finally what you do within spring ball relates to your off-season work. As an example you had been following a program that had included Olympic lifts and the hybrid motions you could easily do a few sets at a modest intensity. However if your off-season has not included those it is not a good time to start. Pay careful attention to hip mobility during this time with regeneration work. Good luck. In faith, Coach Davies