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Spring-Summer Cycle Input Welcome


Looking for any critiques or suggestions.

Here is my body re-composition plan for Spring and Summer. A 26 week cycle including PCT, by far the longest cycle for me, previous long was 12 weeks. I am at a 6 2, 240 at probably 15% BF, and I will turn 45 years young during this cycle. Would like to end up at around the same weight but 5-8 % BF. Diet plan is based around protein fat meals throughout the day, carbs after the evening workout on training days only. Moderate fasted state cardio at 45 min. 5-7 days a week.

Here is the supplement plan:

Wk 1-6 Dbol 50 MG ED
Wk1-10 1100 MG Test (BD Sus)
Wk 1-10 250 MG Tren E
Wk 1-10 ECY 3X a day.

Wk 11-20 1100 MG TestP/Tren A/Masteron (this is a blend)
Wk 11-15 T3/Clen if needed
Wk 11-20 400 MG Prop (Optional)
Week 16-20 Var at 60 MGS ED
Week 20 HCG 500 ius ED for 10 days.
Week 1-20 Metformin at 1000 to 1500 mgs a day w/ carbs.

Wk 20-26
Clomid 100 MG Wks 1-2
Nolva 40 MG Wks 3-6
Alpha Male Wks 2-6

I will also be using HCG, Dostinex, Letro throughout as well as some OTC supps for liver support, blood pressure, prostate and fat loss.

IT looks quite tasty to me!!

Yep all my goodies are just sitting there waiting…

That’s a long time to be on tren.

Plus you’ve got alot of time on orals there, although the var probably won’t be an issue at all, however isnt’ metaformin stressful to the liver? I’m not sure, thought I heard it was. Otherwise it looks like a fun one. I’m Thinking of keeping them short from now on though 6-10 weeks tops. I don’t gain much after that and the sides usually start to show around that time.

I’ve done two 20 plus weeker cycles now and they’ve both been fun but my gains are questionable compared to 2-3 shorter cycles spread throughout the year. Good luck though bro, btw just wondering if you’ve ever considered GH? Might be really impressive at your age. That’s wasn’t a dig either bro, just saying.

Won’t that long of a cycle shrink the boys down pretty far? What about using HCG during your cycle?

Wide: Yeah I have thought about GH, but not sure it’s worth the investment yet, also considerd IGF, but the potential sides scare me. No dig taken, I hope all you young guys make it to 45!

I’ll see how I do on the Tren, I may drop it after the 1st 10 weeks. My liver enzymes are good, so I am not worried about the orals. I used the Metformin last year and had no problems.

Mike: I will use HCG throughout and PCT.

what is Alpha Male going to do on cycle?

It’s in the PCT bro, not during the cycle…

Hey 40, you ever get a headache from var. I’m running 30-40 mgs ed and yesterday was somewhere around my 5-6 day on, I had a slight headache the only got worse and worse as the day went on. I remember reading somewhere that a guy had issues with getting headaches from upping his dose to quickly. The only other thing I can think of was that I took 2 venom in the am instead of my usual 1, so it could have definitely have been that. I’m going to cut the ALRI stack in the meantime and save it for pct.

Wide: No headaches, just finished a 8 week run at 60 MGS a day. It was UG so not sure if it was dosed correctly.

By the way, I am trending towards HG gear or only UG that tests their stuff. Good luck.

that’s a ton of aas for a guy your age.

also 20weeks of tren. seems like a lot for me. but your experience and usage of course decides this.

Yeah, I am debating the Tren for that long, but it’s a fairly small dosage. If I made an adjsutment it would proably be to drop the Tren E the 1st part of the cycle. Thanks for your input…