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Spring Programming/Training - Holding Myself Accountable

Currently a collegiate strength coach at a 1AA school. Given a recent promotion to Interim Head, spring semi-pro football is not a possibility. 22 Teams and a staff of two… = weekends are for sleeping and quality time with my soon-to-be wife. Therefore training is the only release I will have. Team training begins at 6am and ends sometimes around 7:30-8:00 pm.

I am beginning this log to hold myself accountable and for others to tell me to get my shit together. Recent training programming, made modifications to Coach Joe Kenn’s Tier System to allow for 5/3/1 on the foundation exercises, other than hang/power cleans. A typical 3x5 Tier strength session lasts around 90 minutes, this is without any conditioning. I need to increase metabolic conditioning and reduce total time per session under the bar.

Solution: I am going to give the Juggernaut Method a trial run. I am including correctives and mobility work within the program. One day of upper conditioning (10 x :20 sec on/ :10 sec off Tabata) and Prowler work. Strength sessions should last approximately 45 minutes leaving the rest for conditioning and sprint work.

Current Training Maxes:

Bench: 350
Back Squat: 450
Power Clean: 315
Military Press: 225
Deadlift: approx 500

*If I don’t bench 400 and squat 500 before 30 I consider myself a huge pusscake!

DAY 1: 1-13-11

Going in to meet recruits then lifting before BEARS game!!!

  1. MFR- Foam Rolling
  2. Mobility/Flex Circuit
  3. Linear Dynamic
  4. Upper Correctives - Foam Roll Reach n Roll, Band Dislocates, Plate (90degree) External Rotations

Strength - Accumulation (10’s) - working max 200 (90% of 225)

  1. Military - 4x10 120, 10+ x 120
  2. Flat Db Bench Press - 2 x Max Reps (85lbs)
    3a. RG BB Row - 3 x 12
    3b. RDF - 3 x 15
  3. BB Shrug - 3 x 15
  4. Db Curl - 3 x 10 ea

Upper Conditioning - (10 x :20 on/:10 off) Alternate 15lb med ball slams/ front rotational throws.

Day 1
Military Press Warm up
10 120 10 120 MFR Ropes x 200
10 120 10+ 120 Wendler WU
10 120 Dynamic Linear
Assistance work
A) Db Bench 2x Max Reps 85
B1) RG BB Row 3x12 Conditioning UPPER
B2) RDF 3x15 Tabata M B 10 x :20on/ :10 off
C) BB Shrug 3x15 Slams, Front Throws
D) Db Curl 3x10ea

Day 2
Hang Snatch Warm up
12x2 115 MFR Ropes x 200
Deadlifts Wendler WU
10 275 10 275 Dynamic Linear
10 275 10+ 275 (20 reps)
10 275 Conditioning Lower
Assistance Work Prowler 14x30
A) BB Lunge 3x10ea 125
C1) Swiss Ball Front Plank 3x:30
C2) Db Carries 3x20yards

Hip flexor pain from god knows what…Couldn’t lunge had to do BWT step ups 3 x 15ea. Lack of sleep maybe contributing factor to constant body aches and pains.

Hang Snatch Warm up
9x2 135 MFR Ropes x 200
Deadlifts Wendler WU
5 255 10 310 Dynamic Linear
5 285 10+ 310 (15)
10 310 Conditioning Lower
Assistance Work Prowler 16x30
A) BB Step Up 3x8ea 125
C1) Swiss Ball Front Plank 3x:30
C2) Db Carries 3x20yards (120)

Still feeling extremely stiff when I deadlift, hips and t-spine mobility is horrible!!! Still have not accomplished my prowlers for the week.


5 175 10 215
5 200 10+ 215 (19)
10 215
Assistance Work
A1) Pull Ups 3x10 (BWT)
A2) Face Pulls 3x12 (80)
B) Lateral Raise 4x8 (40)
C1) Tricep Ext. 3x10 (80) Elbow tendinitis
C2) Db Shrug 3x12 (120)

Yesterday was a solid upper body day. Not exactly where I wanted to be with 215. Went to ELITEFTS seminar this weekend and worked out set up with a wider grip, but I’ve always followed Louie Simmons recommendation of grip narrow and tuck the elbows, use your triceps more than your delts and strain your biceps tendon. Still have no Conditioned yet this week!!!

Clean Pull (Blocks) up to 5RM
5 225 10 275
5 255 10+ 275
10 275
Assistance Work
A) Db Step Ups 3x8ea
B) RDL 3x10
C) Ab Rollout 4x15

Hoping for big numbers today on squatting 275 for reps. High volume shit is NO JOKE! Got to run around a little during softball conditioning today but not enough to get excited about…Food may be a higher priority than training…we will just have to see.