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Spring Cycle, P22 Style


Please critique.

I will run femera at 2.5 mg ed.

I will not run any clomid and nolva for PCT. Notice the taper of test at the end.

I will insert some parabolan during week 5 thru 11 at 75mg eod.

1 1000 750 50 ed
2 500 450 50 ed
3 500 450 50 ed
4 500 450 50 ed
5 500 450 50 ed
6 500 450
7 500 450
8 500
9 500
10 500
11 250
12 100
13 50

Sorry for the confusion, excel will not paste into this format well.



You'll recover eventually... oh, enjoy the 3 months or so after your last shot. They'll be fun... not!


maybe consider running the para (is it really para?) a couple weeks earlier in your cycle....or not at all.

I think your taper isn't gradual enough...IMO if this will work, the taper should begin a little earlier, maybe two weeks.

also, I think 2.5 mg of letro ED might be a little high. 2.5 EOD , or even 1.25 mg EOD should be sufficient.

good luck bro


Yeah its para from IP.

Thanks Juice.


Yes, I know. I respect your opinion.

Its pretty obvious that you haven't been reading the discussion between p22 and myself in the mass stack post.

Its logical, in concept to go this route. Like I said I am willing to find out....self experiment.

I don't think that P22 or juice would steer anyone in the wrong direction.



I can totally follow the logic behind the concept. P-22 gets all the credit though for the idea/practice. any advice i give would only be following the logic behind this idea because although i have run somewhat similar tapers in conjunction with an AI...i have never attempted to go without clomid therapy.


Cool deal bro.



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Whats up Bushy I was hoping you would pipe in sometime.

What kind of mg per week did you taper the masteron or primo? For how many weeks? Could I do the same with parabolan? I know Juice said I need to run the parabolan earlier in the cycle.

What is your take, my good friend from wales?




JW, i think that running the parabolan to week 11 defeats the purpose of your test taper...it only really allows a 2 week "taper" with test only. and since parabolan is just an exotic ester of tren....it will be pretty supressive right when you are trying to "recover" via your taper.

IMO ditch the para or have it finished up by week 8.


Will do Juice.

I was asking due to the short life of para.....got confused. I have been looking at profiles all day and man I have been sitting here way to long....

I will not start this cycle until the end of Feb... plenty of time.

Thanks for your time bro, and your valuable help.



I'm not sure if that was sarcasm... :slight_smile:

Anyway, go ahead and try it. You'll recover, but not as well as you would with appropriate PCT.

I've known a few people who tapered down without doing PCT... let me tell you, we stopped talking for a few weeks because they were too depressed to stay in touch with their friends.


I think you should re-read the mass stack post. the idea is simple and logical. When you drop the levels of exogeneous test you are injecting below normal levels your body jumps back into production to restore normal levels. As long as estrogen levels are controlled i see no problem with this what so ever.

Also over the past few short cycles ive had, i gradually tapered off my drugs and test seemed to be the most logical one to come off of last. It just seemed easier to recover from, I just didnt have the science behind it. Now i do. Very interesting.


No problems here bro.