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spring break

Hello, I was just curious as to when is the official college spring break in the U.S.?

I don’t know about the ‘official’ spring break but for me it’s feb 26 - mar 4. I think most are around that time, not exactly ‘spring’ though.

It really depends on the school. Many schools will have spring break during the first week of March. But the entire month will be spring break for certain schools. So it probably depends on where you plan to go.

First week of school for me and already we’re thinking of Spring Break eh! :slight_smile: COOOL!

Mine is March 18-22.

Sorry to have to tell you guys but Spring Break was officially cancelled this year. It will begin again next year but be limited to partying in Akron, Ohio.

Well, I was planning on spring breakin’ it in ol Akron anyway, sux that I’ll have to wait a year to do it though. :slight_smile: