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Spring Break: Panama


Anyone else going?


only if you have an extra ticket!


Panama or Panama City Beach?


FUCK YEAH! We're gonna go mack on some bitches while getting fucked up 24/7 and work on our tanz! I plan on going to the gym at least TWICE every week until spring break to get as shredded ripped as I can before then!

...So, no, I don't have money to afford that. Have fun.


I plan to spend spring break getting my tonsils out.



Panama City Beach


Thats a shame. I'll drink a beer for ya.


Watch out for the herpeghonnasyphilclap


that shit doesn't exist.


Ill be at Myrtle beach with a bunch of friends for senior class trip


i go to community college

so no.


Didn't stop my buddies. But that was in Mississippi, so it was about a 14 minute drive. I'll probably go back to California and see my folks. I'd rather party though.


I've been thinking about going if I can get the time off work. My friends have only good things to say about their trips down!

Except for walking around hung over looking for the plan b for his client haha!


I wish I was going on spring break =/