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Spring and Summer Adrenalin, Baby!


If movie Adrenalin is your thing…then it looks like this Spring and Summer should give you QUITE a fix!

“Matrix” x 2; “Charlie’s Angels”; “Bad Boys II”; “The Hulk”; “Daredevil”…and this is just a small sample!

All the Super Bowl Trailers were simply amazing…God Bless American Marketing and Movies!


Hey, guys:

Is “Triple X- Squared” pretty much a done deal? I know that on the “Triple-X” extras on the DVD (made about 2 weeks prior to the films release), the Director said he would make it IF “xXx” was successful (which it was!)

Is Asia Argento (the exotically hot and tatooed female lead) going to be a part of the film, OR is Vin going to have a series of “Bond-Like” leading ladies?

Either way, it should be fun!


XXX2 and The Chronicles of Riddick (Pitch Black2), are scheduled for release in 2004. As for Asia Argento, so far she will be in XXX2. You know who her dad is? Dario Argento, who is responsible for the horror classic, Susperia (among others). My favorite movie Asia has been in will have to be “La Reine Margot” (Queen Margot). Fabulous film. Also, Diesel will be seen soon in “A Man Apart” which was formerly titled, “Diablo”.

Regarding "Daredevil": I've just read two reviews. One by someone who I generally respect. And, you know, this movie cannot be released fast enough! I wanna see this film! From what I've read, this may be the comic book film to really set the genre. I think we'll be very surprised by Affleck in this film.

I haven't really paid much attention to Charlie's Angels or Bad Boys II. More into X2, The Hulk, Matrix, LoTR - oh, and a few others. "Shanghai Knights" opens this Friday. I've just read two positive reviews based on a S. Calif preview screening. "Hero" whenever that gets here - hopefully soon!

I just heard that Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia) may be the next director to tackle "Batman". I'm also looking forward to Alex Proyas' (Dark City, The Crow), next: "I, Robot" - very interesting story. Overall, 2002 and 2003 seem to be making up for what was a shitty year of movies in 2001. Thank god!

Note: Get ready for the following sequels: Rambo/Rocky (depending which one gets up on the screen faster), Die Hard 4, Mad Max 4 (it's a go, folks), still light on the King Conan project. Oh, I know I've forgotten one, or two. :-)

Went and saw Biker Boyz today it was like a Fast and Furious except on motorcycles. And they showed a Trailer for Fast and Furious II, I don’t think it will be as good as the first one but I am digging the Bad Boyz II trailer that was off the hook. Patricia any new news about HERO???

What’s the deal with the new Indiana Jones film? Is it rumors or will it happen? I don’t know why I haven’t asked you about htis sooner, as I’m a tremendous Indy fan. I’ve heard Spielburg and Ford have both expressed much interest but Lucus it too darn busy with the 3rd SW. In fact, there’s been so many rumors circulating that it’s tough to figure out what the status is. Thanks girl.


Patricia could give us more details…but ONE part of the problem was “the Studio”…they did not want Harrison Ford to do this installment…they wanted to start installing younger actors (after all…this is a “franchise” like Bond…it could go on for years. I agree with the Studio that there are a LOT of great young actors out there who could do this, and do it well, INCLUDING the star of the “Young Indiana Jones” series). Anyway…Speilberg would have none of it, and stood by the star. The “Studio” did a lot of “posturing” for effect…but this was Speilberg…a man who has generated BILLIONS in movie PROFITS…so Harrison is in the role.

Now…who the “Studio” is gets intriguing…the “Indiana Jones” series is a “joint?” LucasFilms/Paramount property.

UUmmmm…the intricacies of all this I’ll have to leave to Patricia!


I’ve been itchin’ to post here. There’s some cool stuff in the horizons!

But firstly: Indiana Jones 4: Well, I don’t think Spielberg would have wanted anyone else BUT Harrison Ford to continue with the role. You know Tom Selleck was the studio’s first pick as Indiana. He was a bigger star at the time than Harrison Ford, too. Wild, but true.

Okay as for Indy 4: yup, it’s a go. Despite the fact that after “Last Crusade”, Spieldberg, Lucas and Ford said “this is it - it’ll stand as a trilogy”. Anywhoos, Frank Darabont is set to write the script. Indy 4 will have a supernatural element and be taking place in the ‘50’s, Indy will be 62-yrs old. Release date has been set for July 1, 2005. Rumours are running rampant about Sean Connery returning as “Dad”. There was talk of Karen Allen coming back, too. But nothing concrete.

Other news: “League of Extraordinary Gentleman” - directed by Norrington (Blade) . This ain’t my favorite Allen Moore comic. Watchmen being that - but really doubt H-Town could do a Watchmen live action flick justice. SO, we’ll have to settle for this (and the previous From Hell). Anyways, look for this trailer with “Daredevil”. Oh, and just read two more reviews for Daredevil. WOW!!! Oh check this out: Superhero Hype reports that 20th Century Fox will fire up the world’s first “flaming billboard” on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard this Thursday at 6:30pm US-PST.
“Hero” - it’s confirmed, this movie will open in the states later in 2003. LOOK for it. GO see this. Look at these gorgeous stills from Hero here:

www.cinemovies.fr/fiche_photos.php?IDfilm=1418 Also, new trailer online: www.cinemovies.fr/fiche_multimedia.php?IDfilm=1418

The Fantastic Four: E! Online reports the comic adaption could start production as early as Summer '03.
The Hobbit: The Sydney Morning Herald reports that of a potential adaptation of the ‘Rings’ prequel, Peter Jackson said: “Nobody has asked me to do it, but if they did, I would give it serious consideration”.

To which I say: YEAH!!! Peter, babee: do it! Make The Hobbit!! Okay breathing deep - I’m calm now.
King Conan: Crown of Iron: The Waschowski Brothers are back on this project with The Matrix sequels almost complete. Turkey and Rome are being scouted for locations (by John Milius) for battle scenes, where shooting would begin in the Fall. Warner Bros. is back on as studio. The final major player is Arnold. He has not committed yet.

That’s it for now, folks!

Arnold as Conan? I know Arnold is the orgingal Conan. But will he be able to pull it off again? I think might have shrunk a little since his Mr. O days.

How about Big Louie Farrigno as Conan?

Patricia said: “I just heard that Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia) may be the next director to tackle “Batman”.”

That could be awesome. I’d pretty much given up hope that anyone would be able to save that series from falling any further into the ridiculous parody of the character that it has become.

Thanks Patricia. Any clue on the plot?

I love all the dorky super hero talk on this thread. I feel right at home :slight_smile: As a kind of aside to that, those of you who are into the super hero genre and are also into computer games, there is a game coming out soon called City of Heroes, where you build your own hero and bop around a persistent world (like EverQuest or Asheron’s Call) with others online doing the same thing completing missions and beating up on baddies. Still a ways away from coming out, but looks sweet nontheless. Check it out-

I think Arnold could most definatley pull this off. After all this is King Conan he older, more experenced and he could really take this story out with a Bang!

As a fellow movie lover and self-proclaimed movie buff, i thought you might be interested in this website. http://movies.go.com/buzzbin/index.html
Talks about the upcoming movies with the most ‘buzz’. I’m sure some of you already know about it, but for those who don’t, there ya go.


I had posted something earlier today (Thursday), but I see that it may not post…hmmmmmm.
And boy, what a post. It was filled with wonderment, awe, action, hot babes, fast cars, brawny he-men…I could go on. But now? It looks lost. I may have to spend sometime to gather my thoughts and re-post. But if this new post will match the power of my original? I shall do my best :slight_smile:

Patricia, we’re all behind you. :wink:

Okay, one more time. This time I?ll type this up in Word first! Yeah, what a GREAT idea…grrr.

Regarding Indy 4: Shooting begins in June 2004. With the movie opening for July 2005, there?s plenty of time for script rewrites, etc. AND there?s several versions of the script floating about. The only thing I can say for sure at this point is that the premise will be set in the 1950?s with a 62-year old Jones. A positive here is the involvement of Lawrence Kasdan. He?s partly responsible for Raiders and Empire Strikes Back. Also the director of Silverado, The Big Chill, Wyatt Earp and the upcoming Dreamcatcher. I just love the stuff! Oh, and scratch off Karen Allen, I just saw Kate Capshaw?s name attached. Scarrrry. But then she?s MRS. Spielberg…

On to King Conan: If anything, even Arnold is a better actor than Lou Ferrigno. Also, the story is about a aging, older Conan, who has been the King of Cimmeria for several years already (which fits Arnold’s current physical makeup perfectly). Arnold is also a still more of a bankable name - A LOT more than Ferrigno.

Catwoman: First there was Ashley Judd, then Halle Berry. The latest? Nicole Kidman. But she won?t commit until she reads a new script.
Personally, I think Beyonce Knowles would be a good choice. But that?s me…

Superman: The latest actor to be considered as the ?Last Son of Krypton?? Victor Webster. He?s the mutant who deals with electricity on ?Mutant X?.

Rambo IV: French director Luc Besson (“The Fifth Element”) might be in talks with Dimension Films to direct the next Rambo movie.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Canadian actor Colm Feore (“Chicago”, “Pearl Harbor”) has been cast in the sequel to “Pitch Black”.

Fury Road: Mad Max 4: Second unit cameras are rumored to have been rolling in Antarctica since before Christmas and will run till late February.

Daredevil: Already talk of a sequel. There are some of you who may love to see a crossover flick of Daredevil/Spiderman. I know I would. And in comic book history, these two have gone toe to toe. However, there are some things to think of. Marvel kinda did a ?ooops? (IMO), by selling the movie rights to two different studios. Sony got Spider-man, while 20th Century got Daredevil. Let?s hope these two studios can overcome ?H-Town Politics? and let this thing happen. BUT, with that being said, I have this to ponder. Recently, in X2 news, it was said that a certain Marvel character makes a surprise appearance towards the end, possibly leading to a future crossover. Since 20th Century is the studio for both (X2 and Daredevil), I?m thinking Daredevil could be that character. Just thinkin? out loud :slight_smile:

Shanghai Knights: Man, looking forward to this one! Just read a description of the fight between Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan. COOLNESS! We?ll be checking this one out tomorrow night, I?ll keep y?all posted as to what I thought. The next sequel is going to be called: Shanghai Dawn and may be set at the Pyramids. Hmmmmm…I really enjoy the pairing of Chan and Owen Wilson. Much more so than Chan with Tucker…eeeeuuuuwwww.

Oh, one more than I?m done! Lotr: The Return of the King: Folks, Peter Jackson has been given freedom by New Line to take as much time as possible on this film! In other words: If Peter wants the running time to be 3.5 to 4 hours, then it?s gonna be 3.5 to 4 hours! Woo hoo!