Spreadsheet/Waterbury Programs


A while back Tampa-Terry created a spreadsheet with a lot of Chad Waterbury’s programs entered in a concise format so that you could print and take to the gym. I found it to be VERY helpful. I’ve since updated it with some of CW’s recent programs and also added in some older ones that were missing from the original. It now contains the following CW programs:

Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy I
Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy II
Strength Focused Mesocycle
SOB Training
Triple Total Training
Hybrid Hypertrophy
Waterbury Method
Total Body Training (blank)
Total Body Training (with exercises)
Quattro Dynamo
Singles Club
Big Boy Basics
Next Big 3
Outlaw Strength & Conditioning

It also contains a schedule outlining the order that CW has recommended doing the programs in. It is available in Excel (xls) or Adobe PDF format. If you’d like a copy, PM me with you remail address and I’ll send it to you.


P.S. - You can download the latest copy at:

Thanks Sterno, you did an awesome job on these.

You are a credit to the Nation.

Yay!!! (clapping) & (whistling)

Thank you, sterno, for your efforts!!! It’s really nice to see people who take the time to made something better or add to it.

I agree with sully’s. You are a credit to the Nation.


Just got mine and wanted to say a public thanks. Great stuff!

Just got mine, pretty sweet. Thanks.

I got mine too and wanted to say thanks.

OK. Sterno was kind enough to email it to me.

So I have posted it online for anyone to download.’s%20Programs.zip

I’m getting a lot of great feedback, thanks. Just a note that StrongMan has posted the Excel version at this URL:’s%20Programs.zip


Hey, I just wanted to give another big thanks to Sterno for the spreadsheets. I just got mine and they are awesome. Wish I had those kind of skills!!! Thanks again for doing the work for us.

Thank you!

This is unbelievable. Many thanks to you!

Nothing motivates me like a well crafted spreadsheet - thanks a lot!

Just wanted to say thanks to sterno, tampa-terry and strongman for your efforts! Thanks for the time you guys have invested and sharing your efforts!

Just received mine. Thanks a lot, Sterno.

This is fantastic. Thank you for your work in doing this!

Many Props Sterno…great job! I’ve forwarded them along to a couple of my colleagues…and they also wanted to pass along their gratitude?s.

Thanks again!

Yeah I received them, great job!

This is an excellent tool!

Thanks for doing the work on it.

I’ve been using it for about a week now with TBT. This is the coolest thing since sliced bread. My training log has never been this organized.

Great job!!