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Spreadsheet for "The Ultimate Cluster Training Program"


I’ve followed your work for quite some time, done three of your “best damn” plans, and still use the techniques I’ve learned from you’re articles and plans daily. Lately I’ve been wanting to get more into strength training, and todays article sounded perfect for me at the moment. But I do have one question:
Do you (or anyone else) by chance have a spreadsheet for this program? I could make one myself, but my excel skills are terrible.

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That would be cool if someone made one. This program is the most interesting to me of CT’s programs in a while.


I don’t. I literally have no idea how to use Excel.


If on a diet, would it be silly to do it 3 times week rotating exercises? Ormaybe eod?

What do you mean?

If, theoretically, a random tnation poster was alright with excel, would you be opposed to them putting stuff like your ultimate cluster into an excel template and sharing with the crowd?

Obviously clearly linking to the original tnation/thibarmy article, but I don’t want to make it easier for people to pawn off your work as theirs if that’s something that you run into.


Really cool program…would be interesting to compare training enjoyment/feel of this vs. more standard programs.

Especially for those of us used to massive pumps (plazma assisted) and doing “density” work on main lifts, this might be an entirely different experience.

Coach have you looked at PITT Force reps (using a 6RM-10RM and doing disjointed singles with a few seconds in between reps, up to 20 seconds towards the end ofset…targeting 15-20 reps).

It’s kind of a “cluster” but more “hypertrophy” oriented? Maybe a myorep substitute?

I mean to allow for better recovery, or does it allow for too much and wont be stimulating enough for muscle and strength preservation.

I really like the variant with the single lift with 90% for 10-12 minutes, where you have to raise 10 times. This option is described at the end of the previous article by Chris from 30.01.2020 - The Giant Cluster. I managed to do squat 10 single repetitions times for 7 min. And the weight really is about 90%. On the deadlift I made 12 single reps in 12 minutes.
Today as I go to train I have decided to try the variants with 2 or 3 repetitions, but I will not do it in 20 minutes for a total of 12-15 repetitions with 80% or for 15 minutes at 85% for total repetitions 9-12, and I will try to fit in 10 minutes in 10x3 with 80% or 10x2 85% EMOM.
Congratulations to Chris for the wonderful articles and the work he has to teach us.


If, theoretically, you are the random tnation poster that is alright with excel, I would think that it would be no problem to create such a template and share it with the community, and I also think you should go for it! I know there are spreadsheets for many of the “best damn” programs that has been posted on facebook comments etc with only possitive feedback. I mean, it’s only a spreadsheet, right?

Edit: The only thing I think it would do is make it more likely for people to go through with the program, and that’s a good thing.

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I guess that program would fit type 1A?

C’mon, do eet, do eet!!!

Yes. One of the powerlifters I train, thrives on that approach and he is a 1A

I have a template made in Word format but the website won’t let me upload it due to the type of file it is. Anyone know who I can upload the files?

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cool, good initiative

I want your file
you can host it here


Block 1: https://sendeyo.com/en/bb1349cc2d

Block 2: https://sendeyo.com/en/8edf1e4127

Block 3: https://sendeyo.com/en/6d3db6a6e0

Block 4: https://sendeyo.com/en/1271646dd2

Let me know if that worked; I’ve never seen or heard of that program before.

oki , good .

You don’t have an Excel spreadsheet?

As I discussed in the forum thread I have but don’t use Excel because I’ve never been trained on it. If you want to make the grid layout based on the formatting in my word docs I’ll plug the exercises, sets, and reps in?