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Spreading the Floor


Bit of a duh question but I can't seem to grasp spreading the floor when deadlifting. Any mental cues for it?


Squeeze your glutes, twist out from your hip down to your foot.


In my opinion, this mostly applies to sumo. In conventional, the cue "drive your heels to through the floor" works well to initiate with more of a push than a pull. I think "spread the floor" is the sumo equivalent. After getting the slack out of the bar, I envision trying to rip my deadlift platform in half; in other words, I am focused on knee extension more than "lifting" the bar.



I imagine doing a knee extension more than spreading the floor, idk why it just mentally clicks better for me


Pushing my feet away from each other with the pressure on the outsides of my feet; coupled with pushing my knees out and keeping my shins vertical.


Thanks a lot for the answers, I'll give them a try next session!


For conventional deadlifting, I prefer the cue "screw your feet into the floor". This helps me maintain a tripod foot, keeps my knees from getting in the way, and recruits my hips more so I use less back.