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Spreading the Dose

training 5x week and will keep it the same during the cycle

6 weeks cycle with oxan.

50mg/day. That would be 10caps of 5mg each

oxan HL aproximately 8h

It would be better for me to take 5 morning 5 6-8h later or take the 50mg all at once?

Another option would be to take it up to 60mg/day and take 3 doses of 20mg each 4h apart.

I found a lot of information about oxan but none about how to take it.


Dividing the dose for fairly even blood levels is best. If you can do five times per day (two capsules each time) that would be nice; try to make it at least three.

You don’t have to pick a dosage on account of being evenly divisible. For example if you wanted to take the 50 mg (10 capsules) in three doses per day, it would be perfectly acceptable to do that as 4 caps / 3 caps / 3 caps for example.

It would be more confortable to me if I took them All at once in the morning, but this is how I plan to take them:

4 pills
this is when I have my breakfast
this is when I have lunch
this is just before I work out

Ill take them just before I eat.