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Spreading Supplements Throughout Day

Is it wise to spread my intake of vitamins and fish oil between two meals? For example, I currently take four capsules of Flameout daily, two at breakfast and two dinner. Once I start Superfood, I plan to take two scoops a day, one at breakfast and one at dinner.

Does anyone see anything wrong with breaking down my servings vs. taking one serving in one sitting? Any advice on this topic will be immensely appreciated…

I try to break my servings of the same supplements up as much as possible also. i take 2 Flameout 3 times a day and i also break my Superfood up doing once scoop twice a day rather then taking the whole serving in one sitting.

I figure it gives my body a better chance of absorbing the supplements, rather then overdosing my body with them which i figure would lead to my body just passing through and not using some of the supplements i take.

I would guess that this is perfectly okay. Some supplements, like REZ-V, depend on taking the suggested dosage at once in order to flood your system with it. REZ-V has a very short half life, so it makes sense to take the entire dosage at once.

I think fish oil should be taken twice a day, as I’ve seen many of the authors and coaches here split it up. As for Superfood, not sure about it, but I don’t think it’s possibble to “overdose” on it and then lose the powerful nutrients in your piss.

No matter how you split the dosage, I suspect that you will still use what you need and still ger rid of what you don’t. Your body is not programmed to reject high dosages of great and powerful nutrients.

As long as you ensure to take your supps at the same time everyday, you should be good.

A lot is unknown how supplements will affect you in terms of dosages and frequency. You need to experiment and see if you notice anything. I know you’re talking about fish oil and vitamins right now, but this is in general.

I would think if you used Superfood, use it the same way you’d use a vitamin though, because it contains water soluble vitamins that would be “pissed out” if overdone.

Fish oil, just make sure you take it with some other fats or after a meal and not with too much fiber, as it could bypass absorption. I wouldn’t recommend taking large doses (mega dosing) all in one sitting.