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Spread Split or reduce Volume/Intensity for Legs

Here’s my problem. Whether my leg routine is:
*(moderate to high) volume with low
*Low Volume with High intensity.
My legs feel incredibly sore. Good right? Well not quite. The soreness only STARTS two full days later! This really screws up my 4/5 day full body split. My legs almost need a complete week to recuperate. The only way I could stay within the split is if I use low volume and low intensity. The downside of that is I wont make any progress. Should I still adopt this training method (low V/low I)? OR am I wasting my time? Or should I just do all my other body parts twice between every leg workout? Would there be a problem in this method?

And while I’m asking, why do my legs feel sore 2 days later? Is there something “special” about the muscle in the legs that would cause this?
Thanks again for your time guys :slight_smile:

How long have you been training legs? This delayed onset muscle soreness is more common in beginners and less common the longer one has been training and the better in shape he is. You might just need to increase your fitness levels and work capacity by doing some other leg based activities outside the gym to help you recover quicker.