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Spray-on Condoms?


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Within 5-10 years spray on condoms and the pill for men will be on the market. I don't know how these condoms will be any more convenient than the latex ones available now. Plus it will be kind of weird spraying my...

The pill will simply stop or lower sperm production, this also lower testosterone levels so you will be given 'testosterone supplements'. It is possible that many politicians will be using this pill.

I know it will be deemed for medical use, but it will be hypocritical when politicians are using 'testosterone supplements' but will still be against the use of steroids in sports or recreational.


interesting about the pill. I wasn't aware it would lead you to need T-supps. would that mean MAG-10 could come back? :smiley:


I'll keep my sperm and just use condoms, thanks. Leave the hormone-altering drugs to women.


haha agreed, I don't want my boys to be few in numbers. I'm not really interested in the drug at this point, but think about how many men get their tubes tied. I would much rather take this pill then have surgery and get my tubes tied.


This is awesome. When I'm 21 I'll get legal doping. Fuck yeah!


Permanent spray on condoms that never come off...


where does the jizz go?


I'm pretty sure it wears off haha. The only plus is that it wont slip off during sex.


can the OP fix the title so it actually spells "CONDOMS" instead of comdoms


im good with spraying that shit on my dick. itll probaly fall off 5 years later or grow another head.


the pill will never see the light of day.

The spray on condoms though...that might. There's liquid ones that are similar to this that are in development.


I remember reading about something that they put down your shaft and it like destroyed the sperm as they came out...or maybe that's just my imagination.


That's what I wanna know. So you come and? If that shit doesn't have somewhere to go my dick is gonna explode and I'm not ok with that.

The cool thing is you could just like spray it where you wanted and leave patches of naked penis skin. That's nice.

Screw it, I'll just stick to peeing in her when I finish. Pee kills sperm.