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Spray Butter


Just wondering what your take is on the various brands of spray butter out there. Says zero calories, but I'd imagine they can get away with that due to the one spray serving size, when you actually need about ten sprays if you're going to use it for anything.


Yeah, I think the key here is that one squirt of the stuff is less than one calorie. Since the Nutritional Facts label doesn't list decimals, I believe they round down to a zero. My guess is they should probably round up.

Heck, a few squarts of butter spray isn't going to kill your diet. Just keep it to a few squirts rather than 10.


I'm pretty sure the flavor is artificial and highly-concentrated. I don't think even 10 would kill you.


You ever notice how Equal (aspartame) contains one calorie in Canada, but in America it contains 0 calories?

Just me?



I use this stuff regularly and tend to think its safe and won't encumber a diet.

Goes great with sweet potatos.


DISGUSTING!!!! i wouldn't touch that crap with a 10 foot pole. just use real butter. it's WAY healthier. real butter is so good for you. and god forbid, you're worried about your fat intake (which you shouldn't be if it's good fat) you can use less. omg. i can't believe you asked this question and people actually replied with those answers. that's so gross people. throw that shit away. COME ONE!! where's Zeb and some of the other good guys who would support me here?


SC: It depends. The protocol for my diet says that on my P+C meals (which are strictly post-workout) I want to keep fat as close to 0 as possible. Now, during the other times of the day, it would be permissible and even beneficial. I find that I stick to flax and olive oils mostly.


While I am also a big fan of getting your fats, from all sources. With coconut and fat from lean meats being very high on my list I have to say I agree with Lucid on his point also.

While 90% of the time I eat for result and not taste, there are times that I want some butter flavor on my PPC meals. I use the butter extrac that comes in the bottle like the vanillas and such. One drop goes a LONG way.

Get your sat., poly., and mono. fats. They are good for you. But sometimes you have to give in to the call of FLAVOR and supplement with what fits.

Just my 2 cc.



To add to what SC said:

I use it more out of convenience of being able to pack it for lunch, keep at the desk at work. Not so much as a replacement for butter which I don't use often anyway but also don't see as a huge "diet killer" when used moderately.


OOOOOOH!!! It is so hard to sit back and shut up....so I am going to utilize that big mouth that I was blessed with.

BUTTER CONTAINS GOOD FAT? Since when? Good fat=monunsaturated fat. Granted, I would prefer to use butter rather than margarine, but come on! Seminole, you are right....the fat in the lard that you cook your food in is so much better, mostly because you get it at a health food store. Everyone should start cooking things in lard, I suppose it would be a form of population control. I wouldn't touch that shit with a ten foot pole. Where the hell do you get your information? I would hate to be your heart and your arteries.....


Yes, I agree with SC, I actually prefer to inject the real butter directly into my arteries instead of on my toast.



It's healthier? "So good for you?"

Maybe if you weren't so critical, "holier than thou" and above all, WRONG, the good guys would back you up. Is it just your additude today or is it your personality in general that makes your posts seem so abrasive and preachy?

Your post was pure conjecture.

Have a great weekend,



There's nothing wrong with saturated fats if they are balanced with your other fats and not consumed to excess. I don't think a little pat of butter on something is going to kill you but from the convenience standpoint and being hyper-touchy about carb refeeds, I avoid fats altogether during my P+C meals.


Yes, SC's post was a little harsh I agree.
But I dont think we can just simply dismiss saturated fat as bad. There is to much eveidence that has been stated on this site alone that shows it is needed, not in excess mind you, but needed for proper T production.

The problem is that many of us limit are intake so much we may be shorting ourselves on sat. fats and therefore limiting our own ability to produce great gains.

Personally I am under the thinking that the most optimal distribution is to shoot for an equal balance of all the fats, mono, poly, and the ever dreaded sats.

Just my 2 cc


Just my 2 cc.


Thanks for the opinions guys. SC: It's not that I'm worried about my fat intake, or even eating real butter for that matter. I actually don't like the taste of butter all too much. I just saw a bottle of this spray butter stuff sitting on the shelf at the store and thought I'd ask people what they thought about it. Thanks for your wonderfully thought out reply though.

I'd definately have to agree with others about using it in PC meals, or to maybe add a little moisture to a dry potato or veggies. That's what a few other people I know use it for.



I think one idea is that real butter is a natural fat that doesn't suffer a lot when used in cooking.

These synthetic fats and so on are often not so good for you... (i.e. easily utilized by the body and required in some quantity anyway).

Anyhow, I'm retiring to the sidelines, I take enough fire in the off topic forum... :wink:


JB does say get 25-30% of your total fat intake through sat. fats. However, you have to be careful not to over do it. Aim mostly for poly-unsaturated (flax etc) and mono-unsaturated(olive oil etc).

Btw, what is so good about Coconut fat that people are raving about it?


Coconut fats are about 50% MCT's that is the great thing about them. As well, while I personally dont fry any of my foods, for those who do, coconut oils have a very high smoke point.

The MCT content is the reason I use it, as well as to get my proper amount of sat fats. All my meats and such are as lean as I can find and I regularly short myself in the sats..

Do a search on MCT's if you need more info. on these. I would have a plethora of articles for you but I have yet to replace everything I lost in my recent PC crash.

Hope this helps,



MCT's used to be all the rage but I think they are probably just a good source of saturated fats these days (if you need it).


Spray butter is perfectly acceptable topping to use with your food. What it gives you is minimal if you dont use a whole bottle for evey meal. 5 sprays on a meal a day will do NOTHING harmful to your body.

When you're heating up chicken in the microwave spray some of the spray butter on it. This will help with the extra dryness that chicken always get when they are re heated in the microwave.

Kraft now has a "low carb" version of A1 out. The original is a great alternative to Ketchup. I use it all the time when I have burgers. I switch between low carb Heinz Ketchup and A1.