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Sprained Wrist


Ehh...I made a really stupid newbie mistake, hopefully I learn. I was doing bent BB rows and had my grip too close together. Naturally when you do that, your wrists will "curve" outward.

Anyway, as I was doing it, my wrist popped. For some fucked reason, I thought "ehh...I'll keep going." The next day my wrist was obviously sprained, not too bad, but it was, and still is. This was about 5 days ago. Yesterday I tried to do my pull exercises and whenever I have pressure pulling my hand away from my arm, basically pulling any heavy weight, it fucks it up.

I guess I'll just have to try my best to work around it. Any advice anyone? Has this ever happened to you from merely placing your hands in the wrong spot?


I have had the same problem and was told that if I wanted it to be fully healed then I would have to obviously not use it in any of my workouts. well my shit is still fucked up now because I never stopped doing arms so maybe you should try it. have you tried using wrist straps?


heal up! you don't want to keep aggravating the injury. give it 2 weeks. ice it daily, 20 minutes every other hour. and don't be poppin advil for more than the initial injury period. after the 2 weeks reintroduce pressing/pulling slowly. you will want to address the way you handle the bar as well as to put your wrist in the least compromising position. wrist wraps may help.

unfortunately, injuries do occur, but are part and parcel of the training game. it's all part of the learning experience.

just my opinion


Never tried wrist wraps. I might have to because how the fuck am I supposed to do cleans or deads or pullups like this? Guess I'll just weight it out. Maybe in the meantime I'll do much pushing exercises 2 times a week.


Icing it every other hour isn't ethical for me but I'll do it as much as possible. I've never broken a bone, always sprains. Don't know how many times I've sprained my ankles and wrists in my life, a lot. Kind of wish they were breaks, as they'd heal stronger.


its not ethical? may i ask why? no judgment, just curious.


Try getting some ART therapy


Erm, sorry, maybe my word choice was incorrect. I work construction. 1 break for lunch which is just long enough to down some food. Not to mention it's 115 outside this time of year D: