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Sprained Wrist, Possibly More

I did searching on this topic throughout all 17 results and never really found much of coverage or anything to really help, so I kinda figured I was in the green to start a new one.

Recently, on a powerclean and press, during the “press”, I heard my left wrist painfully pop, and my life has never been the same since, lol.

After consulting with a few fellows and reading up on it, have been told that its a sprain. I know what you’re thinking, go to a doctor. Problem being: This happened on a friday night ( I like to go to the gym later at night, so there’s less crowding in the free weights, and less people to try to talk to), my appointment wont happen till monday (already being monday technically at the time of writing).

Anyways, I’m confused as to how this happened, specifically because my lifting gloves have hefty wrist straps that I had secured while lifting. Now, as a preface, I have to argue that form was not the cause of this, the only lifts I do at this point, I had evaluated by a conditioning coach/NAVY retiree so I’m pretty safe on that point.

Now, basically, to get the point of this, I am curious to find out, who else has dealt with this type of thing? Also, what would you do to prevent this from happening in the future? I did the stretching and all that other shpeal so I was really surprised about it. Now I’m waiting on my doctor’s appointment to get the final diagnosis.