Sprained Thumb

I play in a recreational football league. I went up for a pass 2 days ago and the ball hit my left thumb square-on, pushing it back. I instantly felt pain shoot through it. Now its pretty swollen and although I can move it through the entire range of motion it hurts a bunch when I do so. I’m wearing a thumb brace during the day. Figure I’m out of commission for at least 2 weeks. Anyone else ever do this?

2 weeks i broke my middle finger and still never went out of commision for one day.

I broke my thumb in February, on my dominant hand at that. I had to wear the hand brace/cast thing I got made up for over a month after that.

I had this happen when I was about 8. It hurt like all hell and swole up to 3 times the normal size. I don’t remember (it was a long time ago) but I think it took about three weeks to get over it.