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Sprained Ankles


Okay, ill be honest, i use to be one of those guys who never worked the lower body, in high school i tried my best to avoid squats, A. because i had patellar tendinitis. B. osgood schlatter. Starting in may i started the 5/3/1 and started lower body as well, best thing i ever did for my knees honestly. Heres the thing, about 2 months ago I realized a couple days after i lift heavy, as in the 2nd and 3rd wk of the cycle I had this sort of sprained ankle pain in both ankles, like if i moved it the wrong way, or when i stood up to walk all of a sudden it feels sprained then goes away..

ANyone ever dealt with this, i have a feeling it comes from the sprained ankles i got from basketball in high school. Its almost like there weak, but i never really turn them fully playing ball, so im looking for someone who's ankles hate them..

hell i might be old..27 :wink:


Go away and take 4 fish oil tablets morning and night.
Come back in 2 weeks and thank me.