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Sprained Ankle


Yesterday, i was playing volleyball, and i didn't notice someone behind me. He came forwad and i went back. His ankle caught on to my ankle and mine twisted. Ive been doing the RICE method of healing and i was just wonfering what else should I be doing to heal it quick. It has been getting better, but i want some feedback on what else to do. On a scale to 1-being the slightest pain to 10-being the worst pain, it is probably a 7 when i make fast movements or accidently trip up. I can barely walk and not run at all. There is swelling. Thanks


Halfway down there is a section on functional rehab. Good stuff

Here's a pic of the Ottawa Ankle Rules. Its a guideline for neccesity of xrays to rule out fracture. If it says you need them I would go in. If not give it a week and if its not getting better definitely go in

Oh, and an ACE wrap will help with the swelling. Swelling usually causes the most pain. Take some NSAIDs or fish oil and it will help too.