Sprained Ankle--Questions About 8 Week Bench Specialization

I just started built for bad, but I sprained my ankle today and am hesitant about squatting on it. I figured that since I’m only a few days into the program I could switch to Christian’s 8 week bench specialization program and allow for the ankle to heal up. (Once I finish that program, I’d like to start built for bad again–I love it so far, I just want to play it safe with the ankle.)
I’m curious about the high stress bench day. What is the minimum recommended break time between sessions? Could I conceivably do all three within a two or three hour gym session, resting 15-20 minutes between mini-sessions?

Not a chance, no. The minimum would be an hour, and that is still pushing it. With 60 min between sessions you would have to use plenty of liquid nutrition to be able to recover and make it work optimally.