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Sprained Ankle and Squats

I rolled my ankle the other day at the park. I don’t think it is too bad, no swelling, pretty tender but it doesn’t limit the way I walk. Today I have squats and lunges in my workout for 4x6.

What do you guys think about squatting on a sprained ankle. I know you can’t personally know how bad it is or what it feels like, just wanted your opinions. I hate missing any part of a workout for the week, espicially squats! I figure I could catch them up later in the week but it kinda messes everything up, then again if I hurt my ankle worse then I am screwed for deads later this week or I could really jack it up! Any advice welcome!Thank you

Don’t do it if it affects your form. Other than that I find staying active helps MINOR injuries.

I have sprained my ankle and squatted on it with no problem. If it doesn’t hurt then keep doing it. Just be mindful that your ligaments in your ankle are stretched and have an easier time rolling out.


thanks for your input, I will squat and if everything seems good go for it hard like always, it may keep me more focused thinking about my ankle lol. Thanks again!