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Spraigned Ankle

I recently tore 3 ligaments in my left ankle a week ago playing basketball, so now my leg day is all screwed up. I can’t squat, deadlift, or do anything where I rely heavily on ankle stability or support. I can do leg extensions, although they bruise my shin all up, and leg curls. I have also tried seated good mornings, and another exercise that I thought up. It’s kinda odd, so I won’t go into detail about it here; suffice to say I am limited in the exercises that I can now perform. I also cannot think if any other exercises besides the ones mentioned above, so does anyone know of any exercises that I can perform to train my legs until my ankle gets better?

Did you tear the ligaments of severely sprain them? Usually tearing them is very difficult and prolongs the rehab, where a severe sprain can be rehabed in a manner of weeks. Are you in any type of walking boot, air cast etc… Not being able to see your ankle limits the benefits of the following. If you are already under the care of an orthopedic and they have told you to stay off of it, then follow the advice.

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of the exercies you need to do to recover are similar to ones you already are doing.

First things first:

You need to make sure you range of motion is restored. Until you can move in all directions the same distance as your uninvolved ankle you will never return to full status.

Best exercies done 3-5x/day:
Giant Circles (both directions)10-20

Alphabet x 3- Drawing out the capital letters of the alphabet with your foot (toes are the tip of the pencil)

Ankle Pumps x 50-
Up and down like a gas peddle
Side- Side

Calf and soleus stretching, hold each 30 seconds repeat 3-5x

Once Range of motion is returning you can start some stregthening.
Tubing or thera band works best, working in all 4 directions. Its tedious but it will help. To fatigue.

One legged balancing- hold as long as you can. When you get good you can close your eyes.

Single Leg- Leg Press (higher reps)

Step- Ups- Sets of 10-15

Step Downs (where you start on top of the box and step with your good ankle to the ground) Sets of 10-15

Single Leg Squats (as tolerated)

Split Squats( static lunges)

As stregnth progresses you can advance to forward lunges, side lunges, body weight squats etc…

Your leg training may not be quite what you are used to, but in short order it will return to normal.

When people talk about having chronic ankle instability, its usually because they have had multiple sprains and minimal rehab. Take care of the problem now and it will not be a problem later.

take all stress off the ankle so it will heal or else you might cause much more longer lating damage. Consult your physician! As far as excercises how about the thigh stuff, abduction and the other one, i forgot. The ones where you sit and spread your legs open or force them to close. good luck, laters pk