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After reading the post below about spotters, I needed to get this off my chest.
I have experienced this numerous times over the years, but this one new dude in my gym is so fuckin annoying- He piles on the weight so it’s too heavy for him to do more than 1 or 2 reps, then he needs a spot. Now, I have no problem spotting someone for heavy singles, doubles or triples on compound movements, but this dude asks for a spot on everyting, from machine laterals (where he can do about 2 reps before I am doing most of the work for the rest of the set for him) to Hack squats, where he loads the weight up, wraps his knees, cinches up his belt, and does a dance before doing 2 or 3 reps by himself, the the spotter taking over for the next 8 or 10. On top of all this, he asks everybody in the gym, for every work set, for a spot. Needless to say, I try to avoid this guy. One day when he says “Hey dude, can I get a spot?” I’m gonna tell him to shove it up his ass and lift within his ability.
Anyway, had to get this off my chest. Anyone else have people in their gym constantly asking you to spot them?

Make that first assisted rep as hard as you can for the guy…make it take like 30 seconds. Just put your fingers under the bar, and don’t lift. Make him work his ass off, don’t encourage the guy by “helping” him do 8 assisted reps. You’re only screwing yourself. Plus an assisted rep is only necessary when you are on the vege of total failure. Stop jumping in right away with your spot. Don’t touch the bar until it starts to go backwards.

Right- but what I’m saying is that this kid can’t do more than 2 or 3 reps, and he says “I wanna get 7 or 8 on this set.” Basically, he is training his ego.

Why don’t you tell him that he’ll be better off lifting less weight but with his own ability?

Don’t play along. Don’t do his set for him. You’re just encouraging him. The other angle you can work is to be such a bad spotter, that he never asks you again. Maybe you should get “distracted” during his set. Or just tell the jerk “I’m just about to do a set” every time he asks. Tell him you need to stretch out while you rest, or you need to repeat your mantra for 3 minutes uninterrupted, before every set you do. This guy may be annoying, but you can escape him. The people who annoy ME are the dorks who sing along with the radio, or even worse, whistle along with the radio. A pox on them! Those guys you can’t escape, without getting confrontational about it. Which will ruin your workout more than their idiotic whistling does.

my personal fav was when some dude asked me to spot him on some dumbell curls.

I’ll tell you something that I learned from an old New York Jew who I used to play chess with. When you really want someone to leave you alone, just say “No.” The next time he asks you for a spot, don’t make it angry, don’t make it loud, just say “no” and go on with whatever you were doing. He’ll stand there for a moment, but there’s no way to argue with that answer. After a few seconds he’ll go ask someone else (and probably complain about how much of an asshole you are, but that shouldn’t bother you).

Honestly. No kidding. This is one of those incredibly liberating life lessons that occasionally comes along. Try it.