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Spotting Fake Test w/o Blood Work?


Hey guys,

This is my second cycle of test e 300mg per week.
Kick started my cycle off with tbol at 60mg per day for 6 weeks.

Last cycle of just test I gained around 20lbs and kept most of it. After the first few weeks of starting I was feeling great, training super hard and not wanting to stop etc.

This cycle I got a new brand off my supplier who actually got busted a few weeks before selling me this gear (online local source) and this cycle has been very underwhelming. Zero PIP, balls not shrank like last time, no acne which I get a little, no strength gains and gains stopped after tbol kick start. Before you blame my diet, it's been fine hence why I gained last cycle.

I'll get blood work done if there's no tale tale signs of fake gear.
What are your opinions guys?


well no gains after 6 weeks is a pretty tale tale sign....


Put it in the fridge for awhile. See if it crashes


Last gear was legit so I figured I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and thought it was my training or diet but yeah 6 weeks seems to really bunk the idea it's me when my training and diet are in check.

I might just need to get blood work

The comment above mentions it crashing in the fridge, is this like a separation I can see or?

Should I keep cycling this and run PCT like normal or stop now and run a mild PCT for the oral only?


Yeah you will see crystals how ever. Test E will often not crash. Test C will crash in a freezer or fridge. I thiygh t this before put Test E in the fridges and did nothing stuck it in the freezer before I went to bed and nothing. Next day contacted my source and explained my concern. He told me thism. He said send it off and get it tested and if it came back as anything less than what it was advertised he would refund everything. So I did sure enough came back at 254mg/ml Testorone E... I ate $240 to have it tested felt like a fucking idiot.


Where do you get it tested


A friend found a lab a few months back off of Promuscle forums and he sends it off. Not sure of the exact name but they send back results in about 2 weeks time. Look on google or promuscle I would imagine there are more than a few who do it.



I don't know if I've ever seen it mentioned here which is surprising. There's at least one other board where people won't run anything until it's been Labmax'ed.


so you guys trust that? what if labmax is just bought out by pro muscle??


I actually am positive that's what it is bow that you say that.

ELS I do because the stuff that was tested was not bought from some one on promuscle or any one on their boards. So I mean unless some small time homebrewed stuff around here is also paying lab max some money which I highly doubt they had no reason to inflate numbers.


Yeah true. I'm going to look into them


Labmax isn't a service you mail off a sample to. You purchase the testing kit and perform it yourself.

You put a couple drops of your Test in a vial with a reagent, wait 15 minutes, then hit it with a black light of a specific wavelength. If it tests positive, it will fluoresce brightly. if it's less pure, it won't be as bright. If it's not test, it won't glow at all.

You can also test tren, anavar, winnie, etc this way.

There's also a company associated with DanceSafe that used to only test ecstasy. For $100 they'll test whatever pill you send them, but they won't tell you the purity. This was done in agreement with the DEA so that dealers don't use the company as quality control.

At the source board I go to, the sources mass spec their raws and will also credit any customer who Labmax's their product or gets bloodwork done and posts the results.

Oh, and fuck PM, that site is the worst.


Then I can't remember what it was was 2 years ago when I first started stuff and was paranoid about it all br ing fake. He literally packed and shipped it ups they test and 2 or so weeks later got a piece of paper showing what it says it was and what it actually tested out too.