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Spotting a T-Nationer


At the foo-foo 24 hour fitness gym I get to work out in during the summers, wehre the price is decent, I've found that there are a few ways to spot someone that is a reader of T-Nation, besides the occaisonal shirt, sometimes you'll see pople with a HOT-ROX nalgene or whatnot, what alerts you into knowing someone at the gym is a fellow T-man?


When they know what the belt with the chain is for and realize why there are handles jutting out of the ab-raise tower. So far I haven't seen it. I do see a lot of people riding the elevator to the second floor to use the stair machines though. It's the little ironies in life that you have to smile at.


When I finish my Velocity diet which I haven't started yet and I lose the unwanted fat I have I will be rocking a T-Nation T-shirt in my gym with pride as I know I am a member of T-Nation.


I don't think there are any at my gym. I'm stuck at an LA fitness right now. But occasionally I'm surprised by the physique of some of the lifters there and/or the weight they're moving and exercise choice. And I know some of the members at least know what they're doing.


I have never seen one person in the gym I work out at that has heard of T-Nation...or squats.


Those who squat ATG style.

Those who dealifts.

If it still not clear, those who do the above in a 10x3 style. You can't go wrong with this one.

Geek boy


My first and only T-Member spotting:

...Overhead Squats...

Guy that goes to my school (Frank) reads here time to time (doesn't post to my knowledge).

He spotted me cause I was doing weighted chins.

It was Testosterone at first sight.

We growled at each other, nodded cautiously and returned to our respective spots in the gym, comfortable that there was enough domain for two Alpha males.



we should have a secret handsshake...go all Mason...get our hands into every aspect of society and control it all. yeah...screw the FDA and banning supplements


Tell me about it, I have to go to a Canadian Tire get a 5 foot chain just to hang weights for dips at my gym ! No T-Nationer there I can tell you that


Saw a guy doing overhead squats at 24 Hour Fatness (my dues are $48 per YEAR). Mentioned Dan John to him and he just nodded in agreement, no further conversation necessary.


Same here.

My gym is full of 30 something...usually hot young mothers in the suburbs. Some do squat though.


I'd say squats or dead lifts are pretty much a give away 90% of the time. I am the ONLY one I have ever seen deadlift and probably one of the only 5 that squat in my gym....EVER!!! I actually saw a guy at my gym who cut as hell and doing romanian deads, but he looked like he was in the iron game for a looong time.


Haven't seen one yet. Continue to live in hope.

To spot people from the US: if they warm up the bench with 135 lbs, I reckon it's a 90% chance they're not Spanish. Obviously there are exceptions.

Did see my first ever squat rack curl two days ago though. I was sooooooooo tempted to ask if he was from the USA.


Why do you say this? Do you warm up with 225?


Ha ha ha :smiley: That's brilliant, man!


I'm still waiting and hoping to find some T-Nation Citizen at my university gym, but I doubt it will happen.

I've seen 2-3 people do deadlifts, 2-3 people do squats (not on the Smith machine, those don't count), but I'm the only person I've seen that does both deadlifts and squats. Why would you do one and not the other? I don't understand people...


Hey, a fellow Spaniard! :slight_smile: Yeah, I live in England, but I'm Spanish. Where abouts do you live?

And I didn't understand what you meant by "warm up the bench with 135 lbs."


Mr. Bear... your avatar is splendid.


Still have never seen anyone who is a T-Nationer in any of the gyms I have been too. If I ever did see someone I have a feeling it would be like others have described, a la fight club. You just know.

The best is seeing peoples reactios when they ask how many sets of squats you have left after watching you do 2 or 3 and you responde EIGHT. That kills them.


The first rule of T-Nation...you do not talk about T-Nation. Oh, wait a sec, that won't work too well. Nevermind.

I've worked at 3 separate gyms in N.Y., and have yet to see a gym member fall into T-status, but they've been places with 0ver-50 clientele. There were 2 trainers at my last job that were frequent lurkers back when it was T-Mag. We'd pass the day chewing the monounsaturated fat, just talking shop and trying to sneak into the offices to log-on. Good times.